Thermal fuse .Thermal cutoffs. Thermostat LEBAO

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RFQ Details

Thermal fuse(thermal cutoff, thermostat) uses in small household electrical appliances and so on electric iron, thermoelectricity air blower, electrothermal furnace, microwave oven, refrigerator, electric cooking pot, electricity thermos bottle, coffeepot, sandwich stove, electric motor, makes the superheat protection.
The fuse products has passed the certification of TUV ,PSE, CE ,CCC , CQC'ROHS'.
Fusible heat protector is small and strong heat protector that can detect if the temperature is proper and cut the circuit if temperature is not proper. It can be used to detect if temperature is proper for electrical appliance for home and industrial use and if temperature is not proper, circuit can be cut so as to prevent fire disaster.
Fusible heat protector has two types.One is RYD model which use heat sensitive grain materials(organic chemical) as heat sensitive material and RHD model which has low melting alloy. Rated operating temperature is 96 -- 240and they can be used for all kinds of products with rated current of 0.5A -- 15A