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TradeKey involves its buyers, sellers, and all the stakeholders with three basic requirements of a good global trade business model. Meeting the leader’s expectations (supplier or buyer), providing mobile solutions to all the professional requirements (internet marketing mix at full), and providing local demand added with the international global trade qualities (international standards)!

Since worldwide era has evolved into an electronic medium where buyers, sellers, comments, and critics are always competing, TradeKey makes it possible for all the aforementioned groups meet up on one single platform and benefit from the electronic global trade market as much as possible. The vital shopping system caters three points of concern:-

Large variety: Since TradeKey already has millions of suppliers and buyers registered and more than half of the members actively participating in official deals, you will always get the best variety at TradeKey as per your needs.

Better rates: Wider community, indulging more and more buyers to pool in, means every customer gets a higher number of options to choose from. Hence, the beneficial probabilities of much better pricing compared to any other source of suppliers.

Huge quantities: Although you can always ask for a particular batch of goods and services, TradeKey always supports a huge quantity of global trade products for your convenience. Get yourself registered and feel all the benefits of!

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  • Beijing Automotive Industry 2014 Getting Tougher [30/09/14]

    During the early eight months of 2014, the total manufacturing and sales of automobiles were 1.52 million and 1.5 million units correspondingly as reported by Chinese association for automobile manufacturers.


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    The world has evolved (with continuity) and every economic sector has been filled up with high-tech equipments and similar practices. The inception of self driving cars would be a horrible dream for drive loving people as like it would mean “no-steering” for controlling, free from car parking tensions, traveling with a couple of beer p...


  • Renewable Energy Solar Sunflower Idea [29/09/14]

    IBM has instigated a new solar energy technology “Sunflower Solution” that will not only help in getting over the energy crisis but also desalinate the water


  • How Surveillance Works For Anti Shoplifting [25/09/14]

    The security has been a decisive issue in these days that has led the penetration of Surveillance system for security purpose on a boom and gaining the attention of global investors to make investment in such emerging industry


  • Custom-made Rubber Wristband [25/09/14]

    When talking about wristband, the first thing that comes in our mind is our schooling tenure where we used to wear or offer wristband as a symbol of friendship band.


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