Difference between Notebooks and Laptops; the Reality!


The technology is reportedly turning their stance over time that has screwed the people to discriminate them from one another. Likewise, we take Notebook and laptop as an example to discuss various characteristics that make them separate in front of people.

TKN - Laptops and Notebooks Compared and Fared

Many people are unfamiliar with the divergence of Notebook and laptop and consider these jargons as interchangeable for use. Although, they are very much similar in looks and functions apart from great fall in differentiation, they have certain differences that do exist and cannot be similarities. As we live in the world of technology, and devices compress to a considerable extent, Notebooks and Laptops are the portable versions of conventional PCs and a perfect example in this instance. These undoubtedly sound same but are not necessarily the identical gadgets! Most of the people always confused when to call Notebook or laptop when it comes to differentiation and ultimately finishes with wrong machine purchases. This is the lack of manufacturers as they are also keeping the use of these two terms reciprocally at present that broaden the confusion boundary.

TKN - Dell laptop, mobile and notebook

The Core Highlighting Points for Distinction

With the size concerns in question, Notebook is comparatively a little smaller than the laptop and can easily be carried alongside that makes Notebook slightly preferable than Laptop. Therefore, a portable PC with the display size of 15 inch or above meets the criteria of Laptop where, those mobile PCs whose screen is 14 or below can come under the sphere of Notebook. In terms of mobility, both are portable friendly to carry while on the go, but Notebook leads the competition by scoring extra marks due to the convenience factor.

Notebook fills the bill in terms of convenient mobility due to its size that gives it an edge over the laptop. However, when it comes to speed, extensive keyboard, CD drive, graphic card and others, Laptop is the best choice as it contains such features that the notebook does not have. These speedy and powerful boards enable the user to enjoy the real ride of tech- journey and get the edge back over Notebook.

Laptop computers have number of features that indirectly manage other components such as the cooling system of the machine that is relatively better than a notebook. In actual, the cooling system installed in laptop and traditional PC is not much different from each other so that in the case of the laptop, it is quiet in compacted shape for a better fit.

The notebook is not as much as compatible to the hardware modification or additions as the laptop. The reason is that the laptop gives you a liberty to integrate different drives that cannot be possible in the case of Notebook. However, the user can attach various add-ons and drives through externally but it would perhaps not much convenient relatively to an absolute integrated system.

The notebook is inferior in terms of components that enable it to give longer battery timings from Laptop. The battery life of laptops is capable to provide 2-3 hours on non-stop working mode; though, Notepad has rather compatible battery timings ranging from 4-6 hours on an average basis. We cannot deny that notepad is cheaper than laptop just due to scarcity of some of these modules.

The recent launches of Notepads with different models are coming along with high notch CPUs and other attributes as well. These revolutionary inventions have outmoded the predecessors, resulting in negotiating oversize, which gives notepad an all time new manifestation.

In fact, the compressed size Notepads are as a big boon and a nuisance simultaneously. The Shrink size enables you to carry the notepad easily around though; one has to compromise over the various traits that can only be restrained by laptops and traditional PCs. In general, laptop holds a minor edge against Notepad but it can be negligible. In fact, many people may encounter by perceiving sound that both terminologies can interchange in each case.

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