Ecommerce racing Bizarre: Exploring Unexpected Places


The world is technically evolving after the instigation of e-commerce concepts prevailing in the global marketplace. The world’s biggest destination for web traffic and smart phone market, China, has turned out to be the mainstream spot for mobile commerce, and sustainable growth rate attract e-commerce portals like to make a great deal of investment in mobile payments and e-shopping applications to cultivate this industry towards an utter maturity level!

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It has become a myth that a huge mobile commerce population is located in coastal metropolitan cities, but the truth is contrary from what it really is; as western provinces like Tibet, Qing Hai and Mongolia have been viewed as densely penetrated for m-commerce, according to e-commerce worldwide reports.

This unexpected prevalence of mobile payment is primarily due to insufficient resources to accessible technologies. These regions have comparatively poor residents relative to others that constrained them to meet the expense of personal computers. Even if some of them manage to get a hold, the pathetic internet service would still be a major barrier to indulge with real online experience. Instead placed as a better option, are the cellular companies offering quiet descent coverage and services through which they can ensure they’re active online presence under affordable rates. The Chinese statistics based on internet usage reveals that the new Chinese internet users have been dropped from countryside and 70% of the population have switched to mobile web surfing.

There are a huge number of people such as farmers and immigrant workers living in the farms and countryside, they don’t have or are likely unable to purchase computers. However, in far-flung and extremely undersized provinces in China, the quantity and culture of using smart phones is comparably higher than personal PCs.

The government report indicated that around 55% of urban population got the internet access through broadband service while, the percentage was far inferior in the case of rural families denoted only 20%. The variation of internet speed is also a significant issue, greater part of urban population avail the speed of 20 mbps per second relatively to isolated rural areas where they are using broadband internet up to 4mbps/second.

The fuzzy and spotted behavior with rural area helps in flourishing smart shopping through mobile. Because Chinese e-commerce websites are media intensive that require high speed broadband and it cannot be possible through computers for loading the page without delays.
TKN - Mobile Commerce Strategy Data Infographics; Credits: Jonathan Lupo

The major reason for switching the broadband users to mobile internet for a sense of convenience factor that practically leads to a double increment in mobile shopping users from the year 2012. It means the total number of m-commerce users experienced a massive growth of 160 percent to hit 144 million by 2013. Moreover, a great portion of the mobile shoppers stated that they prefer mobile gadgets due to unavailability of computers at home.

There is no doubt from the fact that e-commerce is increasingly growing in the western and central part of China. Due to rising demand of smart phones, the trend of mobile shopping is constantly growing in a progressive manner too!

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