Future Epoch Computers symbolizes Wearable Technology!


The upcoming Epoch of computer symbolizes the era of wearable, but it is quite vague what sort of shape will it acquire or where will it site on your body. The answer is all blurry at this time as Wearables Emerge more and more!

TKN - Smart Wearable Mobile Technology
TKN - Sleeve Smart Tech
As far as the futuristic computing is in concern, two major principles that are known and unknown subjects present for the same. The known is fully assuring that the next era will transform the entire look of computers into wearable computers while the unknown beliefs depict the uncertainty of wearable shape and its exact points of fixing.
For instance, big smartphone brands, Apple, and Samsung have high completion in their wearable collections. Now, their entire focus is to launch unique, classy and full of features, wearable computers. These will go with the skin like temporary tattoos or fix on the body like traditional Band-Aid for gaining an edge over others. These anticipated technologies are different in shape and properties relatively to gadgets in today’s age. What is more is their exclusive designs, which seem like a bold tattoo or mix with the skin color.

However, such wearable lift up the novel privacy apprehensions but their authors are various best parts of it. The tiny clip-on computers will comparably acquire low manufacturing cost, provide better performance and accuracy as the sensors are connected to the person’s body and comprised of extreme features that will remind users not to forget them.

A sensor for wearable computer devised by MC10, which is a Cambridge based company, Massachusetts. This attachable computer seems like a rectangular sticker shape like a piece of gum that is checking for medical test outs, but the manufacturers are also considering such article as a fashion accessory. Furthermore, this device can also comprise of Wireless antennas, heart-rate sensors, temperature tools and a small battery. Scott Pomerantz, chief executive of MC10, stated that, “Unlike wearables being in use today where people wear them for a little time and then throw them into a drawer, our devices are different.” Our device will always be  on you without any bumpy feeling. Our gadget is all smallest of all, most bendable and stretchable wearable computer where one can get the updates of all types of biometric data rooted with the move.

For this purpose, the company made an association with John A. Rogers, a professor of material science and engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. They are engaging in contribution to their insights since a decade for creating perfect flexible gadgets that can easily attach to the body or even inside of it!
How would it work? Like you are going for jogging or exercise, and you plant tiny piece sensors to your body, you can watch the entire reading of your exercise on the phone. The sticker based sensor can also determine which deodorant will be best for you by detecting your sweat intensity and recommend the brand via emails. It will also help in measuring the health problems of your baby by simply attaching it to the baby’s chest.

 Rogers suggested “We’ll eventually see a more intimate integration of electronics and biological systems. Without that kind of intimate physical contact, it’s going to be difficult or maybe even impossible, to extract meaningful data”.
The authors of the wearable computers are also committing to offering an infinite probability of style. Roger added that, “It turns out that the mechanics of these devices are 100 percent compatible with kids’ standard temporary tattoos.” These devices are also formulating in tattoo patterns where each style contains separate sensor applications.

There are a number of wearable technologies that look repulsive and clunky; thus, there is currently a huge potential still there, in the wearable category by incorporating the fashion with this technology.
The University of Tokyo is looking a step ahead by focusing on building an “e-skin”, which would recognize as an electronic skin resting on top of our skin. The device is more of a bendable and stretchable layer of a plastic cover, which holds numerous health related sensors. Moreover, scientists are making experimental developments as a layer of LEDs that will replace it with the functional screen that covers the skin.

These tiny devices not only viewing and giving the User’s health notifications, but also works as a visual user interface. This will possibly use life-like prosthetics or even replace the smartphone in future.
However, wait, don’t throw away your smart watches instantly, it will take time before the implausible technology take place that will initiate the era of digital skin trends all across the globe.

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