Renewable Energy Solar Sunflower Idea


IBM has instigated a new solar energy technology “Sunflower Solution” that will not only help in getting over the energy crisis but also desalinate the water.

The leading computer manufacturing firm IBM recently announced its prototype of its advanced solar electricity generators: a 30ft-high concrete “sunflower” fitted with wafer-thin aluminum mirrors and a network of small tubes for hauling coolant through the heart of each device. IBM claims that this incredible technology will nearly be prepared along with the Swiss-based company Airlight Energy, which will altogether have a capacity to convert 80% of the Sun’s rays into electricity and hot water. Each device will produce nearly 12 kilowatts of electricity and 20KW of heat during the luminous days, which will be enough to cater numerous homes.

At the time of official promotion of the device in Zurich, the officials of both partnering companies anticipated that, when their solar energy device “sunflower generators” will be operational by 2017, they will provide heavy savage up to one-third of the cost that are incurred comparably to recent solar energy devices. As reported by IBM, the crucial part that makes the device different from other is its microscopic tubes that transmit water all the way through the cluster of photovoltaic chips at the center of every piece of device. IBM has already implemented this technology into their series of supercomputers. According to Bruno Michel, “We were inspired by the branched blood supply of the human body!”

The device works smartly by pursuing the Sun in order to get the best position for absorbing its radiations. Afterwards, starts focusing on clusters containing photovoltaic cells that are pointed on the elevated area. The photovoltaic cells are dedicatedly programmed to transform sunrays into electricity, and as far as the micro channel cooling system is concerned, it transmits condensed water through the chips and in the absence of it, would spur the temperature to touch 1000c. However, due to this system, the temperature rests at 90oc which makes the “sunflower generator” a secure and effective operating technology. Having the electricity generation feature, the device may also exploit producing huge volumes of hot water through the cooling/heating system. Michel added that, “Hot water is a game changer”. The electricity is inevitably a great resource for any country but so is heat – as it is widely used for desalinizing the water.

Currently, a huge proportion of people, around 1.3 billion, are deprived from access to electricity. However, the intensity is much high in the case of polluted water where the figure has crossed by 2.5 billion where the people have no access to proper distillation plants. Airlight Energy have brought the fact into view that the expected numbers of people that have no access to proper sanitation will continue to rise at a rate of 9%/year. By keeping both the issues into consideration, IBM and Airlight Energy came up by constructing an anticipated sunflower solar energy device that will certainly undertake both the issues significantly. The electricity will cater the society from various aspects and the hot water will pass through the desalination process to produce hygienic water suitable for drinking. A device backed up with a number of generators can easily facilitate a huge town from fresh distilled water, as claimed during the first appearance of the device.

In spite of designated sites such as Africa region, Middle East and Australia, the sunflower system will also be installed in remote hotels, hospitals and resorts. IBM promises to install its first two systems without any costs charged in 2016 and has already raised the interests of different towns across the globe to become the first ones to get this Solar Sunflower device on their mainland.

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  1. #1 jaime marenco October 21, 2014, 5:02 pm

    This is really the future but where is the financing for these projects that may lead us out of poverty?

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