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Sustainable Agriculture Varies in Real Understanding, Study Reveals


According to global study, 81% of consumers and 78% of farmers reported, they actively pay attention for maintaining sustainable agriculture practices. But, both the groups have their own values and standpoints to understand what actually the real sustainability is?

The study performed by BASF regarding farm perspective which showed that, farmers thoroughly look into this aspect by means of various dimensional issues; whereas, consumers take this factor in the light of environmental features. When the similar study carried out for another after 2011, the survey was taken from 2100 farmers and 7000 consumers and from seven different states with respect to similar agenda. Therefore, the results were greatly varied from previous study regarding sustainable agriculture not only among farmers and consumer, but the variation in attitude also took place from state to state.

The survey was taken from countries like China, India, Brazil, Spain, United States, France and Spain during March-April 2014. For converting the outcomes in standard language, BASF assigned the task to the global market research institute (Belgium) for gaining better understanding on analysis.

Realization of agriculture sustainability

Consumers are rigid in views regarding the theme of sustainability in agriculture signifying it with 22% friendly environment or 18% relate it to the tendency of food production to meet the demand of population. Conversely, the farmers have more constricted stance over this issue presenting aspects like soil fortification plays 40% role in maintain sustainability, followed by usage of land and water handling (27%) each or intervention of biodiversity essence (25%). Moreover, an economic facet named fair farm wages presented 25% influence over sustainable farming.

Therefore, the sustainability in agriculture practices has great importance that is realized by both farmers and consumers. After evaluating the answers collected from survey conducted in seven countries, it is indicated that majority part of the consumers are concerned and second the concept of sustainability in agriculture. However, the views of farmer were extremely opposed with consumers as 82% farmers believed that cultivation should be carry out strategically, while only 37% of the consumers were standing with this view.

Reservations concerning to lawsuits for agriculture

In the global perspective, up to 49% of farmers are backing this concern that agriculture sector has been filled with extra regulations. However, moving to other side of the picture, the consumers believed that there are insufficient regulations applied in agriculture sector. Whereas, in the context of states, following were the results found from the study:

European zone:

Farmers that was unsatisfied due to heavy regulations implementation

France (83%)

Germany (72%)

Asian Zone:

India and China are the big giants in Asia region and they were (45% each) unsatisfied due to lack of agricultural regulations and extra laws should be applied to the sector.

Satisfaction level with agriculture production

It has been a common perception that agriculture industry is increasingly challenging over time as a result of customer’s prospects, evolving market and shortage of resources. More than 76% of the farmers were highly satisfied with their current line of work in comparison with 62% reported in 2011. The world’s most delighted farmers rest in United States (89%), China placed at second 85%, followed by India (75%).

Future prospect

The ranchers from all over the globe are identical with their views regarding sustainable agriculture practices. They are all on same page when asking about the trends of agriculture in the next five years. They are expecting that the agriculture climate will change due to such elements: the small farmers will be departed (45%), due to rigid policies (23%), Technology upgrading (22%), lack of water (21%) and as a result of sustainable agriculture (19%).

The outcomes from the survey underlined the level of farming significance to these and upcoming periods. According to Winzen, the study helps us to commence any agri-business or development of existing business. As a second century people, we have to support sustainable agriculture practices and also accept and promote the importance of farmers in our daily lives for well being, said winzen

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