Which Universal Service Factors Lead to Customers Discontent?


Every customer service interaction has some certain factors that make the customers irritated. We should consider Five Attributes as the most influential elements among them, which are mainly unacceptable by the customers to put up.
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These factors are usually part of every customer service structure and every company tries to stay away from such factors. However, to some extent, they are driving some of them in their customer service culture either intentionally or unintentionally.

According to a study conducted by CCMC, these factors act as pain for customers that mitigate 20%-30% of customer’s satisfaction at the spot during the execution of those lively factors. Hence, anyone, if indulged in committing any or all above negative activities, should scroll down for their solution in order to overcome and build strong customer relationships for a long run perspective.

Notify the customers during hold tenure for accessing the website and get faster service:

This is a clearly a myth and a common belief that customers will always go for a call at first before checking the website. In real, it is totally misconception as the customer only approach to call center when they could not get the relevant material of what they are looking for in the website.

Providing Search Tools option and then in response to any general question or problems “Answer not found” proclamation reveals:

Some common words like “complaint” or “problem” when enter into the search box, the ultimate answer in response to it would be no solution. Assumption visualizes that the entity has nothing to do with the customer support and give the impression of unfamiliarity with customer’s experience. The ratio of current customers is higher that land into the website for getting the answers and support. Therefore, the search toolbox should contain top 100 keyword-based searches for questions and problems. All of those keywords fuse with at least four different keywords descriptors with a minor difference.

Dropping messages while the customer is already On-Hold Mode:

Notify the customers that their call is highly important when they are already in hold mode reflects “Putting salt on the wounds.” They are already enduring with the curse of the holding period, and frequent dropping messages pose negative image to the customers of having insufficient resources to deal with the customers. Just make an apology for a long wait and serve in the best possible manner.

Request for information that the customer has already input during IVR session:

This instance reflects the incompetence with the technology. The customer agents ask the problem right from the scratch that is again quite clumsy and bothering for the customers. Therefore, make an apology for inquiring again and create proper and strong telephonic IVR integration with the customer representative for transferring actual data before serving/answering to the call/customer.

Playing number of promotion services campaigns on hold line for selling when customer is already encountering service problems:

Mostly, the companies advertize their products and different packages on hold line. This is truly exhausted for the customers that are experiencing any severe problem or a question to ask.  The holding period should contain Useful informational, interesting facts and soft music at the background. Beware! Never sell anything when the customer is on hold for asking questions or problem solution.

How to verify the factors above:-

•    Make a call to customer service center at any of three peak hours and verify if whether the first, second and fifth factors are present.

•    Visit the website and enter your questions and problems then figure out if the provided answers are logical or authentic to resolve your query.

•    Ask four (4) service representatives regarding how frequent they ask information from the customer whom they have already given consultation through IVR.

•    Go to the sitemap and check for top 20 problems and questions that are encountered by customers are apparent and responsive.


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