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Car Bumper

  • Brand Name: ACRPLASTIC
  • Position: Front Bumper
  • Material: Plastic
  • 1. made in plastic 2. easy to use 3. safe and environmental We can provide any sizes of car bumpers.
Zhongshan Jinting Plastic & Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
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  • Brand Name: JSL
  • Shaping Mode: Injection
  • Product Material: Plastic
  • Product: Vehicle
JSL Industry Co., Ltd
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Car Bumpers are manufactured as the spare parts of the vehicles that are being replaced whenever required. The bumpers of the vehicles are designed to present a beautiful look of the vehicle and thus, they are also supportive if any vehicle is hit minor in some accident. But, if the accident is occurred badly, the entire bumper is replaced while having proper repairing of such vehicles. Every car manufacturing company produces different models of bumpers of different vehicles.