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Industrial Fuels

    ENERGAIA CONSULTING Sp. with o.o is a limited liability company Limited Liability Company registered in Poland
Energaia Consulting Sp. z o.o.
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    We have the final seller company that supplies oil to the spot transactions or monthly shipment.We invite our customers for TTM seller to counter signed copy of the contract hard in the office of t...
Svyatoslav Agrochemical
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  • Model : Petroleum Products
  • Min Order : 200,000 Mt per month X 12 months
  • Business Type: Trading
Gorman Enterprises
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    RAF MARI 6/9 RAF MARI 6 amp 9 Marine System oil is premium quality lubricant for crosshead diesel engine crankcase system. It is especially effective in highly rated crosshead engines with oil coo...
Creative Riches Limited

  • Application: Vehicles
  • Brand Name: RAF OIL ENG 1234
  • RAF ORION - API SG/CD RAF ORION SG/CD is manufactured from high quality mineral base oil and selective additives package. A premium quality product for use in naturally aspirated or recommended. I...

  • Brand Name: Petro Shaidah - SN 100
  • SN100 is a very light base oil with its parameters being at the low end for lubricant stock. It is a Group I base oil made by further processing vacuum distillates of specific crude oil fractions. ...
Shaidah El Benaa
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  • Min Order : 25 Ton
  • FOB Price : 350 Ton
  • Supplying Abbility : 81Ton / Month
  • Delivery Time : 7 Days after PO
  • Business Type: Manufacturing
  • Total Annual Sales Volume : 1 - 2.5
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  • Brand Name: Diesel EN590
  • EN 590 Diesel Fuel Specification Fuel Property Unit Specification Test Min Max Cetane Number 49 - ISO 5165 Cetane Index 46 - ISO 4264 Density 15 Acirc deg C kg/m3 820 860 ...
Oil Soure Mandate
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  • Min Order : 40 Metric Ton
  • FOB Price : 500 Metric Ton
  • Supplying Abbility : 43Metric Ton / Month
  • Delivery Time : 7 days
Stanley group of companies
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  • Brand Name: New Meriland
  • We can supply the fuel oil with high quality as per buyers request. For more information please contact Acirc nbsp 00971 50 3790731 Acirc nbsp Fuel oils Acirc nbsp are a variety of liquid mix...
New Meriland General Trading LLC
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    We are exporter of Crude oil minimum quantity we can sell is 100 thousand M/Tons so if you want this much quantity you can contact with us
Tabassum Groups ltd
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  • Model : SHR45
  • Min Order : 1 ton
  • Business Type: Manufacturing
Jingfengda Paper Co., Ltd
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  • Model : oi-222
  • Min Order : 12000 lts
  • Business Type: Exporters
Balaji Fuels
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  • Model : green oil
  • Min Order : 20mt
  • Business Type: Manufacturing
EPS international
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    We supply plants for generating industrial fuel from any type of waste plastic or from non-edible oils such as karanja pongam oil , jatropha oil, palm oil and any other vegetable oil.
Atharva ProcTek
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The petroleum distillation is charged up with heat to meet the excessive demands of the worlds industry. They are refined and applied in different automobiles and vehicles as necessary fuel like diesel. They are also used to generate electricity and are divided into different classes depending upon its properties and usage. It is harmful in water and effects animals. They are transferred to different areas through containers or pipelines.