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100% cotton rug with gold colored little star

South Korea


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100% Cotton








Product Description

imageimageimageThis northern European-style rug is made of 100-percent thick cotton that presents a cushion feeling of topper and covered by naturally sophisticated cotton fabric. A gold-pearl little star on the natural cotton fabric is the highlight of this design echoing a luxurious modern atmosphere. With its extra-large size, this gorgeous and cozy rug goes well anywhere, particularly in the living room. The rug is adequately thick, yet easy to wash and comfortably used.

Color Gold
SIZE  145× 210 cm (±5cm)
Front Back Padding
Cotton: 100%
Cotton cloth: 30 singles
Polyester: 100%
Nonslip dots
Polyester: 100%
Quilting cotton

This product is 100-percent made in Korea with a linear quilted design decorating a gold little star illustration on the cotton cloth. The pure cotton material is easy to wash and the fabric is usable in all four seasons. Cool in summer and warm in winter, it can be used as a rug in between seasons and as a bedding pad in winter. 

The non-slip dot finishing on the back prevents slippage by increasing adhesion. Thanks to a cushion with good thickness, the product can be practically used on top of the play mat inside a children's room. 

The borders are covered using a wide bias, while meticulous backstitching increases completeness and durability. As shown in the photo above, the washed cotton-cloth fabric with a natural feeling shows patterns resembling cottonseeds (or sesame seeds). These cottonseed-like patterns naturally fall off the cloth when washed over and over, making the cloth smooth and soft. 


Using LM fiber made by a special heat-processing procedure, the product is smooth and soft. Felt added between the front sheet and cotton minimizes the elevation or wadding of cotton during washing.

100% natural cotton cloth fabric
Being very smooth, cotton cloth has natural wrinkles and a gentle color. The material is mild and safe because of no whitening or dyeing process. The more you wash cotton cloth, the more the materials unique softness is fully restored. With excellent hygroscopic and thermo-keeping properties, cotton cloth is cool in summer and warm in winter. The utility of the material is outstanding throughout the seasons.
1. No slippage! Introducing a non-slip back surface
2. Material usable throughout the year with great permeability and hygroscopic properties
3. Made from 100% natural cottonseeds
4. Discharging sweat perfectly for rapidly drying

*Certificates by official certification agencies 
-Passing KC Safety Standards (Classification: Textile product for infant)
-Harmful substances not detected (formaldehyde not detected) 
-Test for antibiosis (Staphylococcus aureus reduced 99.9%)

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