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Apitoxine, apis mellifera (bee venom)



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40 per Gram

1 Gram

hermetically sealed dark glass bottles, refrigerated



D/P, D/A, L/C


Product Specification

white, cream-white coloured small grains powder with possibl

less than 5%

less than 8%

more than 100 IU

more than 55%

Product Description

Dear Customer,
First of all, let me say thank you for your interest in our product!
We are a small company with good deals of crude bee venom on the internal market.

Currently we are in search for opportunities to expand our business abroad seeking reliable and trusted connections with manufacturers of bee products across the world who require constant bee venom supply.

We have number of good connections with beekeepers across Ukraine, who have provided in total up to 2 kg of fresh bee venom by the end of 2016 season. This is our initial capabilities, but certainly, considering that Ukraine is a large agricultural country with widely spread and developed beekeeping industry, this amount could be increased several times depending on your needs.

We sell directly from beekeepers who pass quality check before contract is signed.

After Beekeepers are contracted, we supply them with all essential packing materials including hermetically sealed dark glass bottles designed to keep venom from light exposure.

Bee venom is collected by electric collectors with glass plate lining, they vary in models but all are of the same principle when venom is being scrubbed manually from the glass plate, sieved carefully and then the batch is formed. Each batch is solely corresponds to the specific contract party, beekeeper and apiaries, so the quality could be tracked.

After butch is formed, we personally visit each apiary to perform incoming quality check. Full facility check is done and a sample of total 1 gram is formed as an average by tacking venom from each bottle in the batch to perform quality analysis, bottles than are sealed until analysis results are available. Bee venom is always kept refrigerated under -25 to retain its quality.       

State Scientific Research Laboratory of Drug Quality Control of Ministry of Health of Ukraine is contracted to perform precise analysis of bee venom samples per each batch of the product. This is an official body, which is empowered by the government to perform quality checks of drug products during regulatory inspections, they possess all necessary Accreditation and Attestation certificates, quality checks and calibrations are in place for all involved equipment. Each bee venom undergoes testing (including HPLC) according to the State Standard GOST 30426-97 common for CIS countries with following parameters evaluated:

-          Organoleptic test (texture and color);

-          Mass fraction of water-insoluble components, %;

-          Mass fraction of water, %;

-          Phospholipase A2 activity, IU;

-          Mass fraction of Melittin, %;

-          Mass fraction of Apamine, %;

Fraction of the most valuable venom components (i.e. Melittin) could be then sophisticated by additional HPLC testing by use of highly purified analytical standards (i.e. Sigma Aldrich M2272) as a comparator on your request. Detailed analytical reports could be provided.

Varian ProStar HPLC Diode Array Detector is being used for chromatography tests in both cases.

After quality is confirmed, shipment could be sent to you using DHL courier service.
Refrigerated shipment could be an option.

I wish to emphasize that we intend to do our business strictly in legitimate and transparent way.

Being involved in Clinical Development and Pharmaceuticals Industries, we possess a strong knowledge of Good Practices and Operation Procedures to provide you with better quality and we urge to improve this quality even farther. Constant improvement is our first priority.

We aspire to become a trusted and recognizable supplier and I truly believe we can establish strong and reliable business connections to minimize all risks and increase mutual profit.

Feel free to contact me in case if you need any additional information or clarifications.

Thank you for your interest, time and consideration,

Kind regards,





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PE Dmytro Iaroshchuk

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