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Donaldson Air Filter / Donaldson Fire Resistant Air Filter P191280 P191281 / P555570 / X006245 / P821938 / P772545 / P601909



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Donaldson Air Filter / Donaldson Fire Resistant Air Filter P191280 P191281 / P555570 / X006245 / P821938 / P772545 / P601909

Collapse/burst resistance according to ISO 2941

Filter Fabrication integrity according to ISO 2, 942

Filter element compatibility validation according to ISO 2, 943

Filter filtratoin performance according to ISO 4, 572

Filter pressure drop characteristics according to ISO 3, 968

Flow-pressure differential test according to ISO 3, 968

China Filtever Technology Co., Ltd is a comprehensive manufacturer, supplier, trader and exporter of Oil filter, Fuel Filter, Water filter, Air filter, Sediment filter, Micron filter, Nanofilter, UF filter, Hydraulic Filter, Ceramic filter, Household RO purifier, Pleated membrane filter, Swimming pool filter, stainless steel filter housing, filter bag and filter cloth, etc... 


Our main product are oil filter, air filter, fuel filter. They can be the replacement filter for world famous brand product. For example: Pall, Hydac, Parker, York, Trane, MP, Donaldson, Schroeder, Internormen, PECO, Facet, Argo, Behringer, Cimtek, Denison, Donaldson, Eppensteiner, Fairey, Arlon, Filtrec, Fleetguard, Hy Pro, Hydac, INTERNORMEN, LHA, Luber, FINER, MAHLE, Moog, MP FILTRI, Normann, PARKER, Schroeder, Schupp, ST FILTER, Triboguard, Vickers, Zinga, etc...



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