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Electrical Scalp Stimulator for Hair Follicle Regrowth



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Our unique technology provides a spread out form of Transcutaneous Electrical Neuro-Muscular Stimulation (T.E.N.S.) similar to the energy produced by EMS and TENS devices already used by Physiotherapy, Sports, Weight Loss and Cosmetic clinics. Additionally and simultaneously, ETG emits other energies and subtle signals including pulsed low energy photon therapy (LEPT). Thus deep nerves, muscles and blood capillaries are stimulated resulting in increased local blood flow, release of endorphins, and rhythmical contraction of the Arrector Pili muscles attached to the base of each hair follicle. Experts have proposed that hair follicle cells become dormant due to inactivity or blockage of the microscopic pores on the cell surface. When they are stimulated by energy pulses of the correct intensity, waveform and frequency they can be “kick-started’ into proper functioning once again.
Sensation: The experience of the client during treatment can be varied from a low level pleasant tingling to a powerful electronic massage over the total scalp area plus a tangible physical vibratory sensation due to rhythmical contraction of the Arrector Pili muscles attached to the base of each hair follicle. After the session, many clients notice a feeling of improved general well-being and elevated mood likely due to the Acupuncture Effect and Endorphin and Melatonin release. Some have noticed reduced incidence of viral illness likely due to Pineal gland and Immune System stimulation.
Research: Based on experience and abundant Medical Research literature in reliable professional journals there is clear evidence that electro-magnetic energy of the correct characteristics has healing, regenerative and vascular (blood supply) benefits for a wide range of physical disorders. There is no doubt that electrical stimulation of the kind used in Physio-therapy and Sports clinics has a place in maintaining the tone of hair follicles and in slowing down the natural process of hair loss; just as exercise does for muscles and bones. Electro-therapy also has a place in the presurgical preparation and postsurgical facilitation of healing around transplantation. 
This unique custom technology could be developed for health professionals, researchers and manufacturers.
Advancements on the Technology since 1990:
A research study carried out by W.S. Maddin et al using acupuncture technology demonstrated the possibility of a “positive biological effect on hair regrowth of a pulsed electrical field”. Ref 1, p 446
Dr Maddin used miniscule micro-ampere acupuncture level electric currents which “were not discernible and subjects experienced no sensation whatsoever” Ref 1, p 447
It was impressive that Dr Maddin reported “29 of the 30 treatment subjects (96.7%) exhibited regrowth or no further hair loss”. Ref 1, p 446
Previously Gunn and Lee using simple TENS technology had reported 84% of their group of subjects showed regrowth after 60 days. Ref 3


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