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Pump, spare parts and components

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Ms.Yvonne Welker

Supplier Info

MeiKamp GmbH
[ Germany ]
This company is registered as a free member and is not verified or authenticated by TradeKey.com.
Pump, Spare Parts And Components
LY50A70FAZC2V   No. 1 Plunger metering pump model   Max cap
R900580384   FTS-4402-SE   Pump
KFG1-5W2-S11+924   24V   Pump
TH360/650+001   Pump+Motor 
E981550E   RS70000L   2xMP   1CH   ma 2 pumps   24V   4Imp/s
44651112100   PKE511   40øC   230V-50/60Hz   Cooler+Pump 4 
D01-011   Pump Diaphragms
EXBBG0814SB11B320   115V   50/60Hz   4...20mA   Dosing Pump
028995-20   QX62-125/51-125R112   Dual pump
L106020   d76/92x55   for Pump KD206
0510325026   AZPF-1X-005RAB01MB   Pump
111606300000   PTFL 160   Parts of pumps for liquids
24185  SPUMPV1000
HBA40011005011   GX10-BSE-R2   Pump-Aggregate
VK4-1910-2231-501   AS-4195 2«NPT-IG   Gear pump
ZPF25   Gear Pump , KSR-20S-100   S070539   Gear Pump
330027-4   R45/125 FL-Z-W-SAE2.1/2-R   Gear Pump
330221-3   R35/31, 5 FL-Z-DB6-W-SAE1.1/2-R   Gear Pump
330538-0   R45/160 FL-Z-DB16-W-SAE2.1/2-R-SO   Gear Pump
P.0149880002   KPO/2 K10S M0A 8ML1   Geared pump
021645-20   QX41-040R09   Geared pump
GOUE002231470   GLRD   D=14mm 
900000   Gleitdichtring fr CEAM Pumpe
900000   Gleitringdichtung fr CEAM-Pumpe
10906   DO-200-DW-OWT-CP-PP-1.5-MV-3-5/6   Pump
LEVPM   Lever for P25SDA1 Pressure Pump
21510184 PETP Parts of pumps for liquids
Drum and Container Pump   ME II3
DOC76/A   60Hz   230V  G1  1/4"   Pump
W.0149940007   KP1/16A10AK0A4NL1   Pump
42520013   F425 s-41/34-1200   Pump , 4AP71-6   483287   Pump
02000001 Low-pressure centrifugal pump G11 G 125-400 Incl. 
04102478   Oil Pump
Piston Pump Variable A10V0100DFR1/3xR-PSC6200
Transmission Piston Pump 125CC A4VG125EP2D1/3 Xr-NSX02F0001D , P7V 2R1A 102A   Piston Pump
Pneumatic Positioner for metering pump DOXA.L-A/10X25
PO055#6BRO22O01OG   Pump
P.0034120023   31034123-09   KP1/11G10AK0A4NL1   Pump
P.0034120025   KP1/16G10AK0A4NL1   Pump
Travaini one-stage liquid ring vacuum pump 
55024812   FS50GS-50/21-1200   Pump 
143-011-131   Pump , 143-011-181-2   Pump
02P3008A   N9KP18   115V/60Hz   Pump
02P3008A   N9KP18   115V/60Hz   Pump
02PVS120FHRM   Pump (replaces VVS120RRM30CCW10)
TQ32-A3   Pump , P886BW15-N8106   Pump
330024-1   R35/63FL-Z-W-SAE2-R   Pump
330025-8   R45/80FL-Z-W-SAE2-R   Pump 
330026-6   R45/100 FL-Z-W-SAE2-R     Pump
DP3068.180-1571MT   (old: DP3068.180-0782   9670352)   Pump
3160954   6.TG96 A6   TopGear L095 pump unitA6   6.6kW   175
1MM90B1P55SERVS   27B5   980l/min   Pump depth of immersion
1MM90B1P55SERVS   27B5   980l/min   Pump depth of immersion
330222-1   R35/40FL-Z-DB6-W-SAE1.1/2-R   Pump single weight
330202-3   R25/4 FL-Z-DB16-W-G3/4-R   Pump
330220-5   R35/25 FL-Z-DB6-W-SAE1.1/2-R    Pump
R2.2   Pump , R2.2-2.2   Pump , R2.6-2.6   Pump ,
R2.6-2.6-2.6-2.6   Pump , R25/12, 5 FL-Z-W-G1-L   Pump 
R3.3-1.7-1.7-1.7-1.7A   Pump , R3.6   Pump , R4.2   Pump
R4.2-4.2-4.2-4.2   Pump , TG30-34/07533   Pump
TG30-54/11533   Pump 
TG40-20/22285   Pump
TG40-28/15533    1, 5kW   220-240/380-420V   50Hz   Pump
TG40-36/15285   Pump , TG40-52/30285    Pump
TG40-55/22285   2, 2KW   220-240/380-420V   50Hz   Pump 
TG40-55/22533   Pump
TG50-10/40848   4kW   380-420/660-725V   50Hz   Pump 
TH180/380-650+0041   1202061581-25590001   Pump
010-050-01300   X1P2002FIIA   XV1P/2, 2D    Pump
11983   PT4-40   Pump
P.0036110039   31036112-02   KP2/20G10AK004DL2   Pump 
P.0059700015   KP1/11F10AK002KL2   Pump 
P.0075260003   KF4/180 G10B P0A 7DP1   Pump
P.0075270001   KF 5/200 H10B P0A 0DP1   Pump
P.0075360002   KF6/500H10BP0A7DP1   Pump 
P.0087440041   3108744NV   KF4/125G1XBN007DP1+DKF4A08   
P.0127330002   KF5RF1   Pump
P.0127330016   KF12LF1   Pump
P.0127330019   KF25LF1   Pump
P.0127330024   31127333-00   KF8RF2   Pump
P.0127970001   KF32RF1   Pump , P.0127970002   KF40RF1   Pump
P.0129230014   KG8LF1-D15   31129233-01   Pump
P.0132190001   KF32RF1-D15   Pump
P.0132190002   31132192-01   KF40RF1-D15   Pump
P.0132190005   KF50RF1-D15   Pump
P.0132190043   KF50RF2-D15   Pump
P.0132190061   31132192-01   KF32RF2-D25   Pump
P.0132190064   31132192-01   KF40RF2-D25   Pump
P.0139480049   KF25RF7D15   31139483-00   Pump
4256111199   P2.3SP   230V   Pump
42720212   F427S3A-43/38-1200   Pump
43010110   F430AL-41/38-1000   ETFE   Pump
43010112   F430AL-41/38-1200   ETFE   Pump + 40701001   FEM
43010112   F430PP-40/33-1200   ETFE   Pump + 40701001   FEM
WR089085   ST0 G.O. 91713-01   110-240V   85112142 pump
6026607   Pump , SQF2.5-2Rp 1 1/4cpl.   Pump 
42520011   F425S-41/34-1000   Pump 
810.3100   VA25-PP-PP-TF-TF   Pump
810.6784   VA15KY, KY, TF, TF   Pump
810.6785   VA15KY, KY, VT, VT   Pump
135272129   (old: 135212127)   Pump
103280203-21   AP300/31-D-880   200.103280203   Pump
103480201-21   AP300/45-D-280   Pump
Set of 2x 912403100   SP04 E/03 230V, 50/60Hz   Pump
SFL1850/440-W9+052   10, 0kW   3x400V   50Hz   IP55 Pump
SFL850/460-Z   500V   50Hz   Pump+Motor
SFT1554/490-C-W9MV+755   Pump , 20005R   SC-108-R   Pump
066330287992   SM 50-13/2-3, 6   Pump
068641/068841   NF300KPDC   24V   IP50   Pump
PEM1201E   Pump , 2400 0014-00   K60N-064RDN   Pump
26410101   Polypropylen PP (SS) 1000   Pump
SAL602-450+001   70-171-9301   Pump
PL2003012BD01 Metering gear pump cc/rev 3 ex VL805953  fiss
PLP10.1   D0-81E1-LBB/BA-N-EL-FS   00372852   Pump
PLP20.16D0-82E2-LEB/EA-N-EL-FS   2004646   Pump
EM42V-G24   Pump
R910903163   A  A10VSO 28 DR  /31R-PPA12N00   Pump 
8641373101000   2BH16907AH26   Pump
ASF2/8RD--033159   SF2/8RD-VLFM   Pump (with motor)
ASF2/8RD--033159   SF2/8RD-VLFM   Pump (without motor)
FB5602216-E    Pump GP-41-4 with 3 phase motor
RG1, 4-1, 4   Pump , RG2.7   Pump
A4VG125HD1DT1/32L-NZF02FOO1D   Pump
A4VG125HD3DT1/32L-NZF02FOO1D   Pump , 0580254910   Pump
TB100/200   400V   50Hz   Pump
TC260/600-FMV+225   (old: TC250...)   Pump
TC40/340+001   Standard   Pump , TC63/350-61B   Pump 
0510525061   AZPF-10-011RQRXXMB-S0140   Hydraulic Pump
0510665334   Pump , 0513400407   Pump 
0514400239100LG   Pump
0514600359100LG   HPR18A1RKP045SE12C1Z00   Pump 
0514700371   Pump , 0514700413100LG   Pump
051659/016676   NMP830KNDC   24VDC   Pump
052405/052404   N87TTE   IP54   230V   50Hz   EX   Pump
052888/047510   PM16642-814   230V, 50Hz   Pump
ZLND-032200-AB-BJS-4B-E   GLRD-MG-12-G6-Q1Q1VGG   Pump
ZM1002-S2+140   230/400V-50HZ   Pump
6950 5668-00   R15, 3-15, 3-15, 3-15, 3A   Pump 
696080   MD1   230V/50-60Hz   CEE   Pump
696121   ME 2C  230V/50-60Hz   CEE   Pump
56025112   F560GS3A-54/26-1200   Pump
ER520SPPH-DN65/PN16/2, 5 to Piston Diaphragm Pump type ER520
710200   MC10C   230V/50-60Hz   CEE   Pump
KF12BF2   P.0130960016   31130963-00   Pump
KF12RF1   P.0127330006   31127333-00   Pump
KF20RF1-D15   P.0129230008   Pump
KF80RF2-D15   Pump , KFA10-W + 263   230V, 50Hz   Pump
DXHF-602-17860   pmax 5170 bar   PUMP
PMS11C-200-A2+043   230/400V, 50Hz   Pump
PMS11C-550A959+140   230/400V, 50Hz   280l/min at 1m   Pump
PMS20C-390 + 140   230/400V, 50Hz   190 l/min at 1 m   Pump
TC63/440-2P   Pump , TC63/750+001   Pump
H1V55 C L2 D NC 1 30 35/55 M NBR   30kW   54, 8cmü/U   Pump
53040-2003   Pump with drive system
CR15-05 A-F-A-E-HQQE   3x400D   50 Hz   Pump
FFS-376-KBT5-N   Pump station without motor!
FH90-39-MV+211   Pump , PXA1012GBS464N02AA   Pump
QHPD1-RLN-(DP)   Pump , 3222127A   X5L   Vacuum Pump mini 
012853/064619   IP00   12V   NF   30   KPDC
0129758   Pump Station 500L   with Pump 0.5L/Min 
115007   KP20.6, 3DO-82E2-LEA/EA-N   03564020   Pump
595604   TM AB H   pump , J-V 23A 4 R X-30   Pump 
Y20-014373   QX32-010/32-010R06   Pump
YT80/MAAA2505   Pump , YT80/MAAA300   Pump
YT80/MBAA3505   Pump , YT90/MBAA800   Pump
3DS50/144   serial 9157917   Metering Pump
STA1302/840-Z+007   7, 5kW   3*400V   50Hz   G2-1/2"   Pump+M
RMPP14/180-30S  0, 37KW   Pump , RMPP14/180-30S  0, 55KW   Pump
201906   4030-450-DM-37-2   gear pump
SV024CHS50B   SUBM.PUMP 400-415 V 50HZ
SV3306F150TP   incl motor 15, 0kW   IP55   400V/50HZ   Pump
LOHE 20107 BN 131.42.0   Pump , 084993   PUMP TUBE
GOU107300060   2HM4 T/A   0, 45kW   400V   3Ph   Pump
020094-20   QX63-100R   Pump
020610998   Type DU   2260.   Pump
ZE4420MG   240V   3Ph   Pump
ZI_2100008   ZPI1-5.5L-F/R/StR   5, 5ccm/U   G1/2   Pump
ZLKD032160A4BHS0B2100   Pump
ZLKD032200A4BHS0B2132   Pump
1.492.03   P98016-005   EMP3    54/64, 8L/H 50/60Hz   Pump 
TH45/690-2P   Pump , R9.8-9.8-9.8-9.8A   Pump
R9, 8/7, 7-1, 45-1, 45-1, 45   69594777-00   Pump
RA0025F   0.9/1.1kW   380-420V/650/60Hz   1 1/4"   only Pump
RA0063F   Series R5   Pump
RA0160D   Series R5   Pump 160mü/h   0.5mbar   5.5kW   3x23
RA0305D   Series R5   Pump
P25SDA1   120bar   Pressure Pump
SIH10007786   LELA250ABAAE0A.0   Pumpt single weight: 91, 0 
SIH10024653   LEMA50AZ B90 4B.0 HJ   Pump
SIH10100050   LPHX40516ABAGE0A1   Pump
SIH10100063   LPHX45316ABAGE.0A.1   Pump
2477001   3PH   400CC/min   Pump
S23931   RotaXX-M   Elektropumpe 230V   ca.50ltr./min
IPH4-32-1-0-1   (HCO-310-0154)   Pump
101113204-21   AP100/1, 2-D-218   1:8   Pump , M-36   36:1   Pump
H56.912311   IPN4-50 141   Pump , H68.524310   IPV4-32171   Pump
767-744-0446   AG.FB30J2M04H001300BD0001AF07   Pump
RZ1, 6/2   Pump , SB25-65BZX+435   Pump , SC-064-R   Pump
SGL502/450-001   (old: TGL502/450+001)   Pump
SMC11502AAE   pump , SPEC13-SP1A32D10NN0   Pump
STA605/620-W9MVX+755   Pump
STA607/750-X+695   7, 5kW   3x400V   50Hz   IP55   Pump
STA903/690-61Z   200V   60Hz   Pump+Motor
STH360/300-460-MVZ+229   5.5kW   F IP55   Pump+Motor single
STH90/540-MVZ+229   4.0kW   F   IP55   Pump+Motor 
T 7-100 HP4 "GU"   Pump , T 7-80 HP4 "GU"   Pump
TA250/440-001   Standard   Pump , TA304/590-2P   Pump
TF40-85/11330   1, 1KW   220-240/380-420V   50Hz   Pump 
TF40-95/15330   Pump , TH360/300-2M+055   Pump
TH90/390+100   Pump without Motor
TRVB 40-200/C/A3 Pumpcasing
TS21/350+001   0209000306-7715001   Pump 
TS22/110-X   Pump , TS22/110-X+191   Pump , TS22/150-B   Pump
TS22/250-001   D58791   1, 1KW   Pump
TS24/220   1, 7kW   220-240/380-420V, 50Hz   IP55   Pump
TS40-21/22338   Pump as drawing 70.910.193890 
TS40-21/22586   Pump , TS40-21/30586   Pump
V32/12A-2.1-10.61 pump with motor for MULTITEC MTC 32-12A  6
V32/12A-2.1-10.61 pump without motor for MULTITEC MTC 32-12A
YT90IMBAA600   IMM90B   2.8kW   220-240/380-415V/50Hz   Pump
ZA_1220035   ZPA 2-11, 8-N/2-11, 8-N-R-F-A/R   Pump 
ZAD_4000095   ZPD 4-74, 5-KIG-L-F/R/GL-Sp/Dp/So   Pump 
ZAD_4000155   ZPD 4-89, 3-KIG-L-F/R/GI-Sp/Dp/So   Pump
04103661   Pump
04-10855   P400/PPPPP/WFS/WF/PWF/0504   Pump
046234/046123   IP54-T   230V   50Hz   N860FTE   Pump
046265/047510   N814KTE   230V, 50Hz   Pump
049791/049985   IP54-T   230V   50Hz   N012ST.26E   Pump
013786/013751   N022ANE   230V, 50Hz   IP20-T   Pump
014826/017447   IP20-T   230V   50Hz   N035.1.2AN.18   Pump
018380   QT61-160R36   Pump
02000007   GN 032-125.1/112 G10   Pump
02000010   GN050-160/402 G11 pump
02000125   GBN 032-120/112 G10   Pump
022012-20   QX51-125R18   Pump Inner Gear without coupling 
024-03106-000   T6C 008 1R00 B1   Pump 
024-90045-000   T6EDCM-066B31B251R00A1F0   Pump
025021/017642   IP00   230V   50Hz   N86KTE-K   Pump
0300000   721009   FZP-2/2.1/P/90/40/RV6   Pump 
10927   SOGEVAC   SV200   Pump
10931   SOGEVAC   SV300   Pump
12305651   Pump
159.00303710   IPC5/5-40/40 601   Pump
17021137   XW30.25N   30L   250B   1450   UPM   Pump
191183   ACG 045N7 NVBP   Pump (old ACG 045N6 IVBP)
103986   HDP10006000   Pump
07423   TS22/150-BX    400V   50Hz   Pump   for STW 1-18-0-T   EVE-OG63AC3   Pump    EVE-OG255   Vacuum Pump 
500007738   KC31   Pump
5555552   A3DHC-156   3204/124    Screw Pump with bare shaft
31441010  ( F314PP25/19-1000)   Pump
MeiKamp is based in Germany but can cater to any customer's Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Automation and Industrial components and spare parts requirements WORLDWIDE! We provide complete and quality service at the ebst prices on the markets. Send us your inquiries now. We are happy to attend to your needs!

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Basic Information

Business Type:1
Company Products / Services:pneumatic, hydraulic, automation and industrial components and spare parts
Year Established:2006
Number of Employees:11-15

Trade & Market

Main Markets:Worldwide
Total Annual Sales Volume:2.5 - 10 Million USD

Factory Information

Factory Location:Germany
Factory Size:1000 sqm to 3000 sqm
No. of Production Lines:0
Quality Control:Third Parties

Contact This Seller

Ms.Yvonne Welker< MeiKamp GmbH >

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