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Dear Sirs! A company “Ukrainian Vermiculite House», LTD offers exfoliated vermiculite and fire- resistant thermal insulating vermiculite-based boards, agro vermiculite in-use in different special purpose directions, for using in partitions in shipbuilding, atomic industry, aluminum industry, lift building, industry, agriculture, building and others. In times of existence a company declared oneself as a reliable and as a good partner at the market of mining raw material. It is a lieder of production and treatment of the prepared products by a highly technological equipment and command of professionals in this sphere. In the process of production technology of our goods leading research institutes are attracted, that allows to optimize basic technological processes. Our company produces exfoliated vermiculite of different fractions (from 0, 5 mm to 8 mm) and fire- resistant thermal insulating vermiculite-based boards of different thicknesses ( from 5 mm to 65 mm, compactness 400-1000 kg /cubic meter ). Vermiculite- natural, non-toxic material, produced in the special stoves by burning. Exfoliated vermiculite is an environmentally friendly loose granular material. It possesses high fire-resistance properties (up to 1, 350 degrees Celsius) and low thermal conductivity properties (from 0.07 watt per meter-Kelvin). It is chemically and biologically inert and is not wetted by molten metal. It is also a good absorbent. Vermiculite has considerable reflecting ability, the range of temperatures for use is: from -260 оС to +1200 оС. The technology of production fire- resistant thermal insulating vermiculite-based boards is developed on the basis of these positive qualities. Vermiculite boards — uninflammable, environmentally friendly asbestos-free material that does not contain fibers, organic components or alkaline admixtures. The boards have an unlimited service life and are chemically neutral, non-toxic, and biologically stable. The boards do not emit toxic substances hazardous for humans or the environment as in ordinary external environments (from – 50 оС to 50 оС) as in the conditions of influence of high temperatures (to 1200 оС). The boards posses high fire resistance, sound insulation, and thermal insulation properties. The boards are mass produced with max sizes of 1, 000 by 1, 980 millimetres, thickness ranging between 5 and 65 millimetres, and density from 400 to 1000 kilograms per cubic meter. The boards can be coated with any material, for example: - aluminum foil; - decorative plastic; - galvanized metal. Dimensions of faced slab: it depends from the size stick on material. The vermiculite material can be easily machined with ordinary tools, installed using standard fasteners or high-temperature glue. The surface of vermiculite boards can be easily painted with any kind of paint or coated with metal or decorative plastic. It is possible to attain the different indices of fire-resistance of material if the technology of production has changed. Thus, boards are anorganic material and them correspond of fire-prevention norms, that enables to use them in building, where the requirements of fire-prevention defense are present with the index of fire-resistance for 4 hours. Also the basic properties and advantages of our products are: - considerable reflecting ability, - high heat-resistance - does not render irritating on the skin. The exfoliated vermiculite is application in such spheres: METALLURGY — lining of furnaces and steel-pouring ladles; ENERGY CONSERVATION — thermal insulation of all types of power-generating equipment, facilities, vibrating surfaces; CONSTRUCTION — a filler for lightweight concretes, plasters and mixes, fire-resistant layers and coatings, thermal and sound insulating filler for hollow cavities, a component used in the manufacturing of roofing felt; AGRICULTURE AND FLORICULTURE - a component used to improve the structure and properties of soils, a filler for fertilizers, a stabilizer of air humidity; used in the storage of fruit and vegetables and as a supplement for poultry and cattle fodder; ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION — used in sewerage and emission purification systems, used in the cleanup of petroleum spills and transportation of hazardous chemical liquids. Fire- resistant thermal insulating vermiculite-based boards are application in such spheres: FIRE SAFETY—increasing the fire resistance of metal and wooden structures, air vents, shafts, and partitions; CONSTRUCTION — a filler for fire-resistant doors, a construction material for fire dampers and ventilation systems; HEAT ENGINEERING — thermal insulation of high- temperature equipment; SHIPBUILDING — manufacturing of fire-resistant furniture, increasing the fire resistance of decks, cabins, and partitions. The company «Ukrainian Vermiculite House» sells exfoliated vermiculite, vermiculite insulation boards and vermiculite fire- resistant boards on the territory of Ukraine, CIS countries, EU countries. We are waiting your questions and propositions for cooperation.




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