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Rocket Stove This wood stove helps you cook out doors with very little fuel. It is highly efficient. A few sticks is often enough to cook a whole meal. This design is superior to other models because it has a larger diameter central burning chamber, a larger air-intake pipe, and a higher gap between the stove top opening and pot resting pins. There is also a little area in the bottom for ashes to collect so that burning can last longer and be less troublesome. The stove in insulated between the central burning chamber and out wall with perlite rock, which helps retain heat and improve overall performance. It is sturdily built with custom welding and can last indefinitely with minor care. While we are a small business, we can be prepared to meet high demand orders, given time and advanced payment. We are willing to give a good discount for volume orders. if you are interested so please feel free and send inquiry to us for more details.




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