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Product Description

This wood shaving machine is designed to produce wood shavings in desired and suitable size to be able to use them as bedding at chicken farming and horse breeding sectors.

There are all adjustment possibilities to get wood shavings in desired size and high quality.
The aim is to utilize wastage wood pieces and to get alternative income for the companies in woodworking industry.
Chicken farming and horse breeding companies would also get a chance to produce their own wood shavings needs in desired quality, size, and amount with our shaving machine.
Technical Specialities LS-406 YT-145
  Max. log length   100 cm   140 cm
  Max. log width   38 cm   45 cm
  Cutterheads     1 pcs.   4 pcs.
  Knives per cutterhead   6 pcs.   6 pcs.
  Speed of cutterhead   4500 rpm.   4500 rpm.
  Diameter of cutterhead   140 mm   140 mm
  Drive capacity    15 HP (11KW)                 25x2 = 50 HP (37KW)
  Shaving depth   1mm - 5mm   1mm - 5mm
  Travelling distance of carriage   1200 mm   2200 mm
  Feeding speed (hydraulic)   0.1 - 0.25 m/sec.    0.1 - 0.25 m/sec.
  Floor space ( W x L x H )   85 x 290 x 160 cm 100 x 475 x 180 cm
  Total weight   2000 kg   3300 kg




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