We can supply best quality injection packers on competitive prices.Please contact us for details and prices. We are already exporting these packers in all over the world. nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp...
  • Min Order : 5000 Piece
  • Supplying Ability : 200000 Piece / Month
10 Year

Trust Points : 7100

    Silica, White carbon black Acirc nbsp Chemical name: Precipitated silica Acirc nbsp , precipitated, hydrated Molecular formula:SiO2 Acirc nbsp Acirc middot nH2O Appearance:white granules ...
  • Min Order : 1 Metric Ton
  • FOB Price: 900 Metric Ton
  • Supplying Ability : 10000 Metric Ton / Month
    Pine tar Acirc nbsp oil Acirc nbsp or wood tar Acirc nbsp is aorganicliquid obtainedfrom the wood of various trees of the familypinaceac by destructive distillation. Pine Tar is known since anci...
  • Min Order : 1 Metric Ton
  • FOB Price: 900 Metric Ton
  • Supplying Ability : 1000 Metric Ton / Month
    Specification item value Classification Alcohol CAS No. 64-17-5 Other Names Ethyl Alcohol MF C2H6O EINECS No. 200-578-6 Place of Origin South Africa Grade Standard Agriculture Grade, Electron Grade...
  • Min Order : 10 Ton
  • FOB Price: 150 $
  • Supplying Ability : 1500 Metric Ton
    alpha-Methylnaphthalene:purity:95 min. Beta-Methylnaphthalene:purity:95 min. Industrial Methylnaphthalene: mixture 60 min
    Trigonal Concourse Inc. TCI , established in 1995, is a comprehensive group corporation whose business scope covers R amp D, manufacturing, trading and investment of agrochemicals and fine chemical...
    We are manufacturers of biocides for wet-state in-can preservatives. We are looking for distributors in Indonesia who have wide connection and are familiar with paint industries.
    Our company has organized the first-class experts to develop the advanced grease satisfying the demands of high-end steel wire rope. According to the different purposes and operating conditions, we...
    Our company supplies coal recarburizer, petroleum coke recarburizer and artificial graphite recarburizer. Especially the graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer has the obvious advantages of high car
    Ferrocene, namely cyolopentadienyl iron with the chemical formula of Fe C5H5 2, is an efficient and versatile additive and chemical reagent
  • Min Order : 1 Ton
  • FOB Price: 9900 Ton
  • Supplying Ability : 1000 Ton / Month
    yellow crystal with the wider application of unleaded gasoline. With the wider application of unleaded gasoline, CMT will be a better alternative to tetraethyl lead.
  • Min Order : 1 Ton
  • FOB Price: 22000 Ton
  • Supplying Ability : 100 Ton / Month
    Silicone oil is Colorless, transparent, deodorant, no-toxic, no erosion liquid Good chemical stability, excellent insulation performance and moisture resistant
    Tea Saponin As the surface activity, it is an excellent nonionic surfactant which is proved to have function of emulsification, dispersing, fronthing and moistring. After formulation, it can be wi...
  • Min Order : 1 Ton
  • FOB Price: 3 Kilogram
  • Supplying Ability : 100 Ton / Month
    High quality PE Wax Softening Point amp nbsp amp nbsp 105 - 110 amp deg C Penetration 25 amp deg C amp nbsp amp nbsp amp lt 4 Viscosity 140 amp deg C amp nbsp amp lt 25 White Flakes a...
    Factory Price Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose CMC For Textile, Detergent, Oil Drilling Industry Acirc nbsp MF : Acirc nbsp Acirc nbsp C6H7O2 OH 2OCHCOONa Molecular Weight : Acirc nbsp Acir...
  • Min Order : 1600 Ton
  • FOB Price: 2.2 Kilogram
  • Supplying Ability : 5000 Metric Ton / Month
    Chemical composition Acirc nbsp : polyethylene glycol dehydration glucitol fatty acid ester Type: Acirc nbsp Acirc nbsp nonionic M Acirc nbsp odel Acirc nbsp : Acirc nbsp T-80, T-60, T-40, T...
  • Min Order : 3 Kilogram
  • FOB Price: 2.1 Kilogram
  • Supplying Ability : 20000 Metric Ton / Month
    1. Acirc nbsp Product Information Acirc nbsp To be used for dechiorination, deoiling of industrial water such as tood, chemical industry, electric plate, etc, and further purifying treatment of...
  • Min Order : 700 Metric Ton
  • FOB Price: 0.98 Kilogram
  • Supplying Ability : 50000 Ton / Month
    x High Quality Clear Solvent Low aromatic Industrial White Spirit: Low aromatic White Spirit Product: Acirc nbsp Acirc nbsp Acirc nbsp Acirc nbsp Acirc nbsp Acirc nbsp Acirc nbs...
    The active ceramic ball is our company and Academia Sinica Dalian melts the institute to develop the development together another kind of new reactor supporting padding. It is introduces the few
  • Min Order : 5 Acre
  • Supplying Ability : 1000 Acre / Day
    This product is a new amphoteric ionic multiple copolymer, it is copolymerization by cationic monomer and various polymer monomer. Water solution is thick liquid and weak alkaline.
  • Min Order : 5 Ton
  • Supplying Ability : 50 Ton / Day
    This product is made from alternating polyoxyethylene and polyoxypropylene copolymer. It is mainly used in working fluid for fracturing and acidizing. With different solvents it can be used for
  • Min Order : 5 Ton
  • Supplying Ability : 50 Ton / Day
    Free Samples Provide Tinop CBS-X OBA 351 Optical Brightener for Detergent Technical Acirc nbsp Indicators Product Name Optical Brightener CBS-X CAS No. 27344-41-8 Fineness acirc yen 150 mesh MF...
  • Min Order : 20 Metric Ton
  • FOB Price: 18 Kilogram
  • Supplying Ability : 500 Metric Ton / Month
    Specifications CAS 64-17-5 amp nbsp Ethanol 95 amp nbsp Colorless transparent liquid. In 78.10 degrees out with water fractions extraction. Volatile. CAS 64-17-5 Ethanol 95
  • Min Order : 10 Metric Ton
  • FOB Price: 850 Metric Ton
  • Supplying Ability : 2000 Metric Ton / Month
3 Year

Trust Points : 400

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