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Our company is one of the pioneer and successful company in the field of creating agarwood using inoculation method. We are aiming to be the leading producer, Manufacturer & Exporter of cultivated Agarwood oil/ Oud/ Oudh, sandalwood chips/powder/logs, Agarwood chips on the international market. Our objectives is to grows raw material areas of Aquilaria trees in large regions, increase quality of cultivated Agarwood and manufacture high class products from Agarwood (essential oils from agarwoods, products of fine arts and handicrafts) At the moment, we specialize in producing agarwood chips/logs, oil/oudh, powder, incense, Agarwood tea, fine arts & handicrafts, from cultivated agarwood trees (Aquilaria Crassna). With more than 300, 000 trees planted including 100, 000 infected with agarwood and successfully produce resin, we are proud to guarantee a stable supply of agarwood chips/logs & oud in large volume in a long term.

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Agarvina Co., LTD

C4 LAN ANH VILLAGE, HO CHI MINH, Please choose, Vietnam



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