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We believed that every hard-working will reach a great destiny, and we believed that the faith of the person is linked to his being and his soul, he can not to give up his faith in whatever he was able to give up on other things, From here, we set off and we started the study of international markets and investment and we conducted many studies for several years in the presence of a group of engineers, specialists and investors who have great experience in this field of agriculture and as we believe that everyone has got a grain of creativity,our team have collected all the grains for the success of this project and study the smallest details, the study we did has shown that the rice is the most successful investment and trade is considered to be No. one world-wide for several reasons, including:
- Rice is the future; it is No. 1 commodity in the world
– Rice provision and consumption is not to be effected by political or economic conditions.
After great efforts of AlTamari group staff, and large studies of international markets, as most of the companies are usually moving toward the stock market and real estate,Al Tamery group decided to change the name of the game and have found that the rice trade is one of the most important commodity trading and successful investment in the world , rice is the future ...
Along with the business challenges, the world's crises have become a feature of modern life attributes, as we’re now living in a world full of economic crises, we offer you commodity trade, which is not to be affected by the conditions provided by the political nor economic as well as it’s being an essential source for every home in the world and the product cannot be abandoned in our public life and its price commensurate with all segments of society.
Al Tamery group gives opportunity for serious investors to work along with our group, anyone who’s interested to be AlTamery rice franchise in a country, or group of countries

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Mr. Husam

Al Tamery group

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5000 sqm to 10000 sqm


10 - 25 Million USD

51 - 60 people

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6 - 10 people



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10 - 25 Million USD


2.5 - 10 Million USD