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P.O Box 72502, Postal Code: 00200, Westlands, Westland District,,Westland,Nairobi,Kenya

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Alphil International LTD is a Kenya based Company that deal in Rough Diamonds and AU Gold Bars/ nugget and sisal Fiber. We supply International with the best and most competitive bulk pricing policies. Alphil International LTD meets the specifications and standards of the international AU GOLD AND ROUGH DIAMONDS market and regulatory agencies in many countries. Primarily, we stock and deliver the best quality. Details of our Gold and Diamonds quality , high purity rough diamonds and 24k Gold Specification are given below.

Specification for Diamond:

 Natural Rough Uncaught Diamonds
 Commodity:     rough un-cut diamond with other
 Fancy colors(Blue,Pink,Red)
 purity:             IF FL VVs 1 and VVS 2
 color:              D- E- F- G
 From 3crt and above.
Origin: Congo


Available quantity 2300 kg Ready now for sale best offer
trial shipment: 1kg to 100kg
Price: U.S. $ 28,000 per kg.
Quality: 24  Carat.
purity: 92% - 98%
Origine : Congo
ability to provide: 300kgs or more per month after supply of
the 2300Kgs

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Alphil International LTD

P.O Box 72502, Postal Code: 00200, Westlands, Westland District,, Westland, Nairobi, Kenya



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P.O Box 72502, Postal Code: 00200, Westlands, West

5000 sqm to 10000 sqm


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