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The Dead Sea(the lowest spot on Earth) is considered one of the most important and exciting health resorts in the world, known historically for its rich mineral content that is highly used as a medical prescription for many diseases, and a source for sterilization and youth renewal.

APCOphilosophy binds together two elements: the glorious wisdom of nature and advanced scientific technology. APCO takes natural plant extracts and Dead Sea minerals by utilizing patented and cutting-edge technology, makes luxurious, effective skin-care that far exceeds your best imagination about beautiful skin.

APCO guarantees the effectiveness of its products and ensures that all the details have been analyzed and examined in our laboratories using the most modern methods.

Our Mission
Our Roadmap starts with our mission, to create the purest, most luxurious Dead Sea & skincare products at affordable prices, with pure and natural formulas which are 100% free of chemical substances. APCO products are designed with the most sensitive skin in mind, to work kindly on normal skin and others with multiple chemical sensitivities or allergies.

It's our top priority to ensure customer satisfaction and create long-term relationships in providing natural ingredients and best quality. Taking in consideration our positive and speed response for any remarks and suggestions.

Our Vision
We look forward to keep updated with researches about the benefits of natural plants and Dead Sea minerals on the skin to provide our customers the best innovated products in the world of skin care field.
The company is looking at the long term to serve our customers electronically by setting up a special unit with qualified staff to serve our customers for immediate and direct purchase online through our website and ensure product delivery to their doorsteps within reasonable time.

Unlimited ambitions and perseverance supports our quest for the better.

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Arab Physician Company (APCO)



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5000 sqm to 10000 sqm


10 - 25 Million USD

11 - 20 people

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11 - 20 people



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10 - 25 Million USD

LLC (Limited Liability Corp)

Mrs. Ikram Naji

10 - 25 Million USD