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Bein Angel is an ideal platform for cleaning and body care products.
With its head quarters atNicosia, Cyprus, Bein Angel is providing its customers, genuine and quality products for cleaning and body care since 1984. Bein Angel exists to offer its customers with more value than they truly anticipate.
With its production facility of 5000 sqm, Bein Angel has been manufacturing 4 product lines namely, Body Care Products, Dish Care Products, Household Cleaners and Special Cleaning Agents.


If you are looking cheap non-quality products that you can buy by the kilo or anything similar, then Bien products are not suitable for you!!!
But if you are looking for something different, innovative, efficient, and quality guaranteed, then found it appropriate Bien products and company Bien Angel.
You want to know why we differ, why and why choose to buy our products;
Here are below the major reasons:
Bien Angel products are approved and certified - in accordance with the legislative authorities of the European Union and have quality certificates EN 1276: 2009 ISO 9001: 2008. Sure we are absolutely sure - for what most people wonder with very simple words
Bien Angel products are unique, different, innovative and above all effective. For this we say to Bien forget that you knew to date, Bien products are revolutionizing the way we clean.
Bien Angel is not based on marketing but rely on quality and effectiveness.
So, monitor your daily needs and create products covering them completely, with most Active Ingredients !!!
Bien Angel is different from anything you've experienced in efficiency.
We are confident that the above reasons you will find several more to add and grow our list along !!!

Bien Angel is also providing Greece's specialKolokotrian Olive Oil for its customers which will instill clean and healthy diet in your daily routine.
Kolokotronis family whose history starts in 1470, is one of the historical families of the Greek history. The members of the family, for hundreds of years, apart from their main profession, dealt with the cultivation of olive trees to produce olive oil for personal-family use.

In 2005 a large part of the family olive grove was acquired by doctorIliasKolokotronis. His professional involvement with health field in combination with his ecological sensitivity made him find ways so as to produce olive oil equivalent to that of his ancestors.
Therefore, the intensive farming method of the olive trees was abandoned and a methodology similar to that of the old times was applied, when all foods, not just olive oil, were actually “virgin” not just baptized “virgin” by the international food marketing system that allows the use of pesticides, fertilizers which destroy the soil’s organic matter as well as drillings contaminated with heavy metals, mixing with other olive oils, crops with high-density planting, to increase production and many more that negatively affect the quality.

In the biodynamic farming which we apply, we make extensive use ofzeoliteand active microorganisms to restore the environment of our olive groves in pre-industrial conditions. A farming model that leaves far behind organic farming, as defined by international law, which again is oriented in mass-produced foods.

Since 2005 when we started this process, we made sure the amount of the produced olive oil to continuously decrease and the quality to increase, along with dozens of biochemical analyses. The analyses of 2013 finally showed an olive oil, which besides its aroma and taste, normally should be classified as medicine. What we managed was the recommended daily dose (20 ml) to contain enough antioxidants so that the olive oil could keep its “promise”, for longevity and protection from many diseases. Since then we stabilized the cultivation and production model and in early 2014 Dr.IliasKolokotronis along with his medical profession, with his two sons Stavros Kolokotronis andNikolaosKolokotronis founded the sole proprietorship “ELEONES KOLOKOTRONI”

In March 2015 we launched the product in the European market. We were surprised by the market's thirst for very high quality products and cooperation proposals exceeded all expectations for a newcomer product.Because, as it seems, the quantity can not meet the demand already created, “ELEONES KOLOKOTRONI” proceed in the purchase of new groves in order to include them in “Kolokotronis system.”

Our olive oil characteristics vary from year to year (due to weather conditions) but certainly within the limits of extra virgin olive oil.
Usually acidity ranges between 0.28% and 0.48% .
Each lot is accompanied by pharmacological analysis to ensure the complete absence of pesticides.The European Commission on 03.24.2014 and under revision of Reg. EC 834/2007 Biological Products, introduced among other things, the proposed text for adoption, establishing low ceilings residues (MRLs) for Pesticides Organic Products.
The levels of MRLs, will approach the "detection limit" of 0,01mg / Kg (ppm), as currently applicable to baby foods.

The attached Pharmacological analysis proves that the levels of MRLs of our olive oil is even better than the ¨detection limit¨ of baby food ppm) The reason is obvious, we do not use pesticides. (Neither of those permitted to organic farming.)

Thank you !!!

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Nicosia Cyrpus

3000 sqm to 5000 sqm


2.5 - 10 Million USD

21 - 30 people

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11 - 20 people

ISO 9001

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