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As the Mayor of the Daegu Metropolitan City, it is my great pleasure and honor to introduce to you Daegus small and medium-sized businesses and their products.

Located in the southeastern part of the Korean Peninsula, Daegu is the nations third largest city. Based on sufficient experiences in hosting international sporting events and meetings, Daegu has organized various international events, such as the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011 and World Energy Conference 2013. In addition, the World Water Forum will take place in 2015.

Daegu also boasts of its convenient and efficient transportation network which includes the KTX high speed train, international airport, highways and roads. Koreas capital, Seoul, is 100 minutes away from Daegu by KTX and four of its major ports are within one hour or so drive.

Daegus major industries are machinery, auto parts, textile, textile machinery and IT. However, you will also find that the city has a lot more to offer when you do business with its many diverse companies.

I hope that this Business Guide with QR codes will assist you in finding your best business partners in Daegu and what you have been looking for in your business.

With this, I would like to ask for your great interest in Daegus small and medium-sized businesses. I also hope that their products will be much appreciated and loved by you.

Thank you very much.

Mayor of Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea

General Information of Daegu General status Daegu is located part southeastern interior of the Korean Peninsula and there are Mt. Palgong in north, Mt. Daedeok and Mt. Bisel in south. Daegu is a basin city which is surrounded by gentle hill area. The Sincheon Stream flows across the center of the city, Geumho River in north rotates around from east to west side, joins with Nakdong River and flows to south. Geographical environment North latitude 35°36 ~ 36°01
East longitude 128°21 ~ 128°46
Altitude 40.69m
Surface area 885.61㎢ Weather Average temperature: 13.2 ℃ Average rainfall: 878mm Population and generation status Population is 2,524,890 and the number of household is 960,256.

Industry & Economy Manufacturing business There are 7,286 business enterprises in 14 industrial complexes. We are in the middle of building Daegu Technopolis and Daegu National Industrial Park to create business-friendly environment and to resolve the land shortage for industrial use. Venture Infrastructure There are 2,378 ventures and Innobiz companies, 17 district venture infrastructures being built in such as Daegu Soft Town (ICT Park), Venture Factory, Daegu Knowledge Service Center, High-tech Industrial Support Center, Daegu Fusion R&D Center, etc. And there are 234 business enterprises that are moved into 8 Business Incubator Centers within Kyungpook National University, Keimyung University, Yeungnam College of Science & Technology, etc. Science technology Public laboratory such as Korea Textile Development Institute, Korea Institute of dying Technology, Korea Fashion Industrial Institute, etc., Innovation Support Institution, Local-Based Research Center, University Emphasis Institute, Engineering Research Center, Local Science and Research Complex, and R&D Center which is specified from government are being managed to leap as hub city of science technology. Trade The amount of export of local business is 7 billion and 10 million USD, the amount of import is 3.5 billion and 32 million USD, export performance by country is China (23.2%), USA (13.4%), and Japan (6.9%), export performance by product is machinery (41.7%), electrical and electronics (20.4%), textile (16.9%).

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