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Ikitelli K OrgSan Bolgesi Turgut Ozal Guzeller Osb 41400 Basaksehir, Gebze 0090,Gebze,Gebze,Turkey

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EURO CHEMICAL GROUP (EUROCG) is a dynamic and multifaceted Limited Company based in Turkey actively involved in Manufacturing Procurement Distribution and Export of various Chemicals. We are structured into various Division namely PetroChemical (Styrene) Division, Basic Chemicals, Base Oil Division,catalyst and Polymer Division to serve the different needs of our Customers worldwide.

Quality Policy
We are committed to provide Quality Products and Services to ensure it is delivered Within Budget, On Time and provide ValueforMoney.

Maintaining an Effective Quality Management System 
Cultivating an Environmentally Friendly Culture 
Adopting Progressive Procurement Strategies 
Providing Effective Logistics Solutions
Striving to Exceed Customers Expectations

EURO CHEMICAL GROUP (EUROCG) put very strong emphasis on Commitment and Integrity to achieve Corporate Excellence and to Excel in Service Standards. We are Turkish registered Limited Company actively involved in Engineering, Procurement and Contracting the supply of various commodities including Basic Chemicals, Base Oil,Petro chemicals, Catalyst and Polymers to many satisfied customers around the World.

EURO CHEMICAL GROUP is the world\'s largest petrochemical market information provider, and has fastgrowing energy and fertilizer divisions. Our aim is to give companies in global commodities markets a competitive advantage by delivering trusted pricing data, highvalue news, analysis and independent consulting, enabling our customers to make betterinformed trading and planning decisions. We have over 30 years experience of providing pricing information, news, analysis and consultancy to buyers, sellers and analysts.

With a global staff of more than 210, EUROC CHEMICAL GROUP has people based in Houston, Washington, New York, London, Istanbul, Montpellier, Dusseldorf, Thialand, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, South Africa and Perth. EUROCG is part of Reed Business Information, for our office locations please see our contact us page.

Our market coverage
The global team covers over 180 commodity markets and has indepth knowledge across markets in upstream and downstream sectors in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, AsiaPacific and the Americas. Our intuitive site product finder can help you find the information EUROCG can provide on a commodity basis, start your journey below:

Basic Chemicals
Water Chemicals
Mining Chemical

Our Mission Statement is committed to supplying the consumer with highquality products. Our goal is to become the leader in providing the best chemicals to the best customers from the petroleum industry. We promise to deliver products of the highest quality at the lowest prices with our excellent services. Our products supply vast opportunity to create a very pleasant business experience.

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Euro Chemical Group

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Euro Chemical Group


Ikitelli K OrgSan Bolgesi Turgut Ozal Guzeller Osb 41400 Basaksehir, Gebze 0090, Gebze, Gebze, Turkey,




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Europe,Middle East,Worldwide

formic acid, engine oil, methanol, hydroxybenzene acid, acetyl, cetyl alcohol, barite, dodecamethyl cyclohexasiloxane, phpa, carboxymethyl cellulose sodium, pine oil, silicone oil, transfomer oil, base oil, tolyltriazole, toluene diisocyanate, styrene monomer, styrene,




Factory Information


250000 sqm to 500000 sqm


10 - 25 Million USD

31 - 40 people

Third Parties

31 - 40 people


OEM Service Offered

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10 - 25 Million USD

LLC (Limited Liability Corp)

Mustafa Mehmet

25 - 50 Million USD