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PET processing issues have become especially relevant and significant in Ukraine at the end of 90-s, when the usage of the PET-based materials in packaging items has started to overgrow the usage of the other kinds of polymers.
Plastic bottles' processing helps in solving the environmental issues while significantly increasing the effectiveness of the polymer production facilities, because the usage of recycled PET decreases the production costs. The main problem of the PET bottles' processing is the bottles' collection at the garbage dumping sites. It is a laborious task, and the material obtained this way is known to contain a lot of dirt and extraneous substances. Before PET processing these raw materials have to be cleaned and sorted, and that increases the cost of the used bottles' processing. Different kinds of equipment may be used for the processing of the used PET bottles. Raw material obtained using the equipment of our facility is known for its high quality and therefore is in high demand at the market.
Our main activity area is the collection of PET raw materials at the garbage dumping sites and these materials' processing.
Nowadays polymers' processing and different goods' manufacturing based on the processed polymers' usage grow more and more popular. The demand is so high due first and foremost to the relatively low cost of the raw material and its accessibility.
The Company's main goal is to completely satisfy the clients' demand for the processed PET.
The Company staff includes only experienced professionals that have the necessary knowledge and skills, and that gives us the opportunity to carry out the job quickly and in the best manner.
Product: PET (polyethilenterephtalate) flakes, washed
Color: transparent
Particle size 8-12 mm
Intrinsic viscosity in
ortho-chlorophenol (I.V.)
0,72 dl/g
Melting point 260-280o C
Moisture content Not above 2,00 %
Dust content Not above 1,00%
Paper residue Not above 0,15%
Residues of polyethylene, polypropylene Not above 0,05%
Glue residue Not above 50 ppm
PVC residue Not above 50 ppm

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