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Haycarb PLC (www.haycarb.com) is the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of coconut shell based activated carbon solutions. We produce high quality activated carbon with an annual capacity of 37,000 tons of finished product. With over four decades of experience, we manufacture a complete range of standard and tailor-made activated carbon granules, powders and pellets for a full spectrum of applications across diverse industries. The Haycarb Group consists of 6 factories manufacturing activated carbon, two each located in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia.

Haycarb has an established marketing and distribution network comprising of sole distributors and its own marketing offices throughout the world, including all major markets such as the USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa and Thailand.

Some of the industrial segments that Haycarb supply Activated Carbon and related technical services to are, municipal waterworks and point of entry/use and waste water treatment for both domestic and industrial applications (including sewage treatment systems for industrial applications), industrial air purification, flue gas treatment, solvent recovery, catalyst support for long chain aromatic production, plasticizer industry, oil refining and the like, gold recovery, cigarette filter manufacture, natural gas purification, military applications for gas masks and military clothing, Energy storage (ultracapacitors EDLC), automobile industry, food and beverage industry and the nuclear industry.

Our carbons for potable water treatment applications are NSF certified. Haycarb is also a member of WQA (Water Quality Association) USA. Further, we can also provide water washed and acid washed carbons with impregnations and extra drying to reduce moisture to extremely low levels, especially catered for the customer with unique requirements.

We supply our products with moisture tight packaging in 25kg bags or 500kg bulk bags.


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Haycarb PLC

400 Deans Rd, Colombo, Western, Sri Lanka



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ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14000:2004, NSF Certification, REACH Compliance, WQA, AWWA


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