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ndonesia, being the world’s third-largest coffee producer and exporter, after Brazil and Vietnam, we, Eccoglow Asia Pasifik, Indonesia-based company thrive to be the reliable suppler coffee acndonesia, being the world’s third-largest coffee producer and exporter, after Brazil and Vietnam, we, Eccoglow Asia Pasifik, Indonesia-based company thrive to be the reliable suppler coffee across the globe.
Maintaining highest quality of the entire product range;  from run-of-the-mill Robusta varieties to distinguished Arabica coffees and the renowned kopi luwak.
Indonesian coffee output has grown over the past decades, albeit not in a linear fashion as harvests fluctuate strongly from one year to another depending on the weather. With per-capita coffee consumption on the rise both in Indonesia and the wider region, there is obvious room for further growth, but there is also an obvious need for investment. The capital required to take Indonesia’s coffee industry to the next level presents appealing prospects for investors, while the country’s burgeoning coffee culture also brings opportunities for foreign exporters. and we do not just sell coffee retail, but we also have a coffee shop in jakarta (SME building no 94.south-jakarta) where so the customer can try special blend of coffee directly from us.We are already running the coffee shop of the year 94. at That's when we have a goal to export coffee, with the aim of introducing the product of our results, and improve the economy.The following Coffee name 
    Coffee Arabika Toraja
    Coffee Arabika mandhailing sipirok
    Coffee Arabika mandhailing lake toba
    Coffee Arabika Aceh Gayo
    Coffee Arabika Bali kintamani
    Coffee Arabika linthong
    Coffee Luwak grande
    Coffee ROBUSTA lampung
    Coffee special blend 
Roasted Bean
Coffee arabika Aceh gayo IDR 160.000 for USD 12.12/250gr
Coffee Arabika linthong IDR.130.000 for USD 10.31/250gr
Coffee Arabika mandhailing sipirok IDR.130.000 for $10.31/1kg 
Coffee mandhailing lake toba IDR130.000 for $10.31/250gram
Coffee Robusta lampung IDR.130.000 for $10.31/250gram
Coffee Bali kintamani IDR.130.000 for $10.31/250gram
Coffee special BLEND IDR.160.000 USD 12.12/250gram
Coffee Luwak-for price ask me
Coffee Toraja IDR 130.000 for $10.31/250gram
Coffee robusta lampung 163.000/1kg USD 12,5
Special blend. IDR 165.000 $12,5/1kg
 For sample @15gram  IDR. 120.000 USD 9 for all name coffee
Minimal order 1-10kg
Green Bean
Green bean arabika Aceh Gayo IDR.175.500for USD 13.30/1 kg
Green bean arabika Linthong IDR 165.000 for usd 12.5/1kg
 Green bean arabika mandhailing idr 165.000for usd 12.5/1kg
Green bean mandhailing sipirok idr165.000 for USD 12.5/1kg 
Green bean robusta  lampung IDR165.000 for USD 12.5/1kg 
Green bean Bali kintamani IDR.165.000 for USD 12.5/1kg 
Total defect
•    10-15tons per month
•    Ready for supply of coffee to cafe shop
•    Ready to export worldwide(scoffed already has sertification license from government official)
•    Roasted level : medium to dark
•    Aroma:floral
•    Acidity: medium
•    Body:high
•    Flavor:chocolate,fruity
•    Packaging size 250gr,1kg
Example green Bean and Packaging
For more information contact marketing 
Phone :+6287888716500
Office :+6287888716900
Website: www.eccoglow.com
Email: eccoglow@gmail.com

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