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Factory Byelorussian door "ISTOK" - a professional approach, responsibility and high quality. We produce classic and modern interior doors with the use of advanced technologies. Our doors - is a guarantee of satisfaction of your customers, as we offer a wide range of impeccable performance of safe materials.
Our advantages
We are engaged in the wholesale of interior doors since 2000. During all this time the production of interior doors is our main activity. We studied consumer preferences, mastered high standards, have built production facilities and formed a team of professionals. We are constantly expanding range of products in accordance with modern trends in the door market.
The high quality of our doors is confirmed by European certificates and hygienic certificates of the state sample Belarus. The warranty on all products - 2 years.
We offer
Our catalog contains dozens of offers models of interior doors in different versions:
• the most popular colors of the buyers and their combinations: walnut, light walnut, patina walnut, ivory, cognac, chestnut, enamel vanilla, white enamel;
• facing materials of different price categories: natural oak veneer, fine-line, ekoshpon (polypropylene film);
• Various methods of decorative finishes: stained glass complex technology, art glass, and others.
Here you can select the sample or to buy wholesale doors. You can also order interior doors on his own project. Due to the variety we offer ways to finish, you will be able to complete the order, based on the needs of your customers. To the door leaf we offer both standard components and additional details: a fluted casings, capitals, rosettes, columns and other decorative elements.
Our services
Own production and wholesale of doors - not the only activities of our company. Buying doors from the manufacturer, customers can count on the full range of services:
• the supply of transport the door wholesale warehouse to the customer;
• advice and further training for installation and operation;
• service maintenance;
• Printing support.
Work with each client provides personal manager who oversees all phases of the order - by matching the volume of the party and the terms of its production to the delivery of finished products to the customer.
Favorable conditions for cooperation
We are interested in long-term and lasting relationships with its wholesale customers, so practice a flexible pricing policy and precise deadlines. Here you get excellent Belarusian doors from the manufacturer at competitive prices (sales conditions - non-cash payment).
The warranty on our products - 2 years!

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Africa,America,Europe,Middle East

interior doors, door frame, platband, additional door panels



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5000 sqm to 10000 sqm


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