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91th Myun Mok Ro,SEOUL,JUNG NANG GU,South Korea

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I am Steven, the Manager at Kailani International.

The meaning of KAILANI in the ancient Greek means of sea and sky. The overseas market through sky and sea by delivering KAILANI products. A product that requires globally. We KAILANI International have affordable product with reasonable price.

Korean Branding Cosemetics Distribute
If you are requesting a product of the popular brand in Korea\'s cosmetics market we can supply at a reasonable price. South Korea has branded vendors also serves as a role.

Organic Cosemetics
The natural cosmetics market is rising. Cosmetics that contain natural ingredients, causing people with hypoallergenic skin in satisfaction. Our company is the vendor of oem and Organic Cosmetics. These are the products 1004 Lab, Nani soap, OSUM etc.

KAILANI IMPORT/EXPORT goods and products with philosophy that deserved to be loved by the customers in the certain market. We believe there are countless customers waiting for new goods and products to buy for their own satisfaction and needs.  We are happy to introduce fresh, affordable and attractive goods and products in new markets responding to flexibilities of trends.

KAILANI have expert partners in the business of branding and marketing especially in korea. Successful business requires careful comprehension and thorough analysis of the market in-depth. Through our keen insight about the market trend, we support our customers by gathering and analyzing information pertaining to business trends and market conditions. We love to help your brands and goods seem to be fancy, valuable and droolworthy.

And we secured a large line of cosmetics and south korea export the product and the officer distributer by oem,odm.  If you want to import korean cosmetics, check your desired cosmetic brand in the next slide. Please contact us by e-mail with the brand name of the product you need and we promise to present a reasonable price.

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Kailani International

91th Myun Mok Ro, SEOUL, JUNG NANG GU, South Korea




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