KemResource (Oxhib Limited)

109 Ikot-ekpene Road, Ogbor hill,,Aba,,Abia State,Nigeria

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At KemResource (Oxhib Limited), we endeavor to be the vital partner to small and large businesses home and abroad.

Our goal is to provide you with professional services, products/ raw materials and advice your business needs to achieve success.

 From tiger nuts to cashew nuts, palm kernel shells,hardwood charcoal, pea nuts, sesame seeds, palm oil, dried split ginger, kolanuts, solid minerals etc,

We have positioned ourselves as premium exporter of African variety products.

We constantly focus on innovation, making your business transaction with us effortless and more convenient than ever.

All we do reflects our purpose, which is to help businesses make a mark. What characterizes us is the effect it has, why it is important to the world and how it makes an impact.

What kept us going without stopping for even a minute is adhering to  those center qualities and a profound confidence in the immense reason we serve:

how we help businesses achieve their goals, working for them.  Supplying them with quality aggro raw materials they need to scale up.

There are over 50 aggro allied and mineral resources one can purchase on KemResource (Oxhib Limited)

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The bottom line…

We do not rest until every client—from SMEs to
the largest firm—views us as an indispensable partner for growth. We have 200 active small business customers and 182 large corporate organizations We are becoming the premium exporter of African variety produce

At KemResource , we know your business is not like everyone else business — so we do not handle it like everyone else . It deserves more.

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KemResource (Oxhib Limited)

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KemResource (Oxhib Limited)


109 Ikot-ekpene Road, Ogbor hill,, Aba,, Abia State, Nigeria,




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Americas,Africa,Asia,Caribbean,America,Europe,Middle East,Oceania,Worldwide

palm kernel shells,cashew nuts,kolanuts,hardwood charcoal,tiger nuts,groundnuts,ogbono seeds,dried split ginger,sesame seeds



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5000 sqm to 10000 sqm


Less than 1 Million USD

Less than 5 people

Third Parties

11 - 20 people



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1 - 2.5 Million USD

LLC (Limited Liability Corp)

Uwakeme Tochukwu

1 - 2.5 Million USD