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Lubrita International Lubricants (Lubrita Check Oil Level -TM) provides a comprehensive selection of high quality automotive and industrial oils, lubricants and greases and special products manufactured for today's markets. Lubrita products main production facilities based in Netherlands, Sweden, France and USA. Lubrita lubricants plant located at one of the biggest international factory in Europe, with investments of approximately 30 million Euro. Productions at the factory is increasing with a current production capacity of over 130.000 tons finished lubricants per year. The Lubrita lubricants products range are developed and produced by specialists from a wide variety of base oils and additives to meet latest lubricants specifications, OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and EB (Equipment Builders) engineering recommendations. The factory its near the sea port of Rotterdam in Netherlands, with a large storage capacity of 17.000 tons for base oils and more than 60 storage tanks for the finished products and additives (Oronite, Lubrizol), which makes it an exceptionally attractive Lubrita International position in the Global Lubricants Market. The plant has a fully equipped, ISO 2001-certified laboratory and large scale special equipment for oil testing. This equipment is used to analyse each new lubricant blend. In addition to production, we also provide support for the transportation of our products to end customers by sea-going containers, tankers, road trucks or flexi-tanks. Lubrita International Distributor Offer: 1. High quality Lubrita oils, lubricants, greases and special chemicals 2. Profitible business for distributors 3. Trusted superior performance 4. Problem solving for customers 5. Technical Innovation 6. Excellent technical and after sales support 7. Competitive pricing strategy 8. Global marketing We are an open and efficient company, which support its Distributors Worldwide. All Lubrita products are carefully selected to meet today's needs and lubricants applications. Globally available through LUBRITA INTERNATIONAL Official Distributors. Passanger Car Motor Oils, Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils, Automotive Gear Oils, Automatic Transmissions Fluids, Agricultural Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, Compressor Oils, Slideway Oils, Industrial Form Oils, Heat Transfer Thermo Oils, Greases. LUBRITA Check Oil Level Trade mark Registered at OHIM OFFICE FOR HARMONIZATION IN THE MARKETS TRADE MARKS AND DESIGNS Our company goal is a high European standard and service level on a worldwide scale by selecting experienced and highly motivated distributors, providing the best local service per country, together with LUBRITA International Team. If you are interested in the Lubrita products

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Netherlands, Sweden, France, USA

5000 sqm to 10000 sqm


50 - 100 Million USD

91 - 100 people

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91 - 100 people


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50 - 100 Million USD

LLC (Limited Liability Corp)

50 - 100 Million USD