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MITT CHARCOAL CO.LTD Our-dearest, We (MITT CHARCOAL CO.LTD) are a trading company created in 2013 in Buea (Cameroon) with specialization in HARDWOOD CHARCOAL MAINLY. with our dynamic term we pride our self first in the charcoal business companies in Cameroon for our good services and products and for this reasons we have been able to record some numbers of success for are good services and excellent product of delivery due to our energize and devoted ready to do employee. We want to make it Clare that we have nothing to height and you can have a sample of our product before commencing trading with ours.Our hard wood charcoal derive from wood logs of Rubber tree, Iroko tree ,Mahogany tree, Sepele tree ,Mangroves tree etc. Though, one of the nation’s biggest export earner, it cost no fortune to set up and there is no shortage of market overseas. Added to this, one can run it from home. Given the right mentor-ship, the business is simple to start and in huge demand. Germany, Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria and UK are substantial importers of charcoal. As charcoal is an essential commodity in Cameroon Africa, it is one of the most important sources of alternative fuel across Europe. Consumption is put at eight million tons of charcoal and pellets annually. The largest exporters of charcoal in the EU are Poland, France, Holland, Germany and Belgium. They buy and sell to the rest of Europe.The volume of imported charcoal needed in Europe vary from one country to another. The total level of volume of exports from Cameroon can not satisfy the demand in the European market. Although the market is served from a number of competitive countries, exports from Cameroon, and other African countries are highly ranked because of the hard nature of the charcoal. European importers prefer charcoal produced from hardwood in Africa which is heavy and strong. Competitors are Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil and Thailand. The quality of charcoal depends on the wood species. Companies overseas can absorb any volume, that all the companies in Cameroon cannot meet the demand of the European market. Cameroon has vast forest area that can produce thousand of tonnes of charcoal annually. Though there are charcoal sources in Europe, most of them are made from softwood and are soft and light. Apart from that, they are bad conductors of heat and electricity, and burns without flame. Today, there is increased usage of charcoal. Besides being the fuel that cooks steaks, hotdogs, and hamburgers, a number of companies have discovered that charcoal can be used in certain metallurgical purifying treatments and as a filter to remove organic compounds such as chlorine, gasoline, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals from water and air. With this above information, our company doors are wide open to foreign importers of the above product. we thank you for going through this introduction profile. Regards Nchu Miterran Terry

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Mr. Nchu MIteran

Mitt charcoal

sandpit, buea, southwest, Cameroon



hard and solf wood charcoal, cocoa beans, bananas, coffee



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Buea Cameroon

1000 sqm to 3000 sqm


1 - 2.5 Million USD

41 - 50 people


41 - 50 people


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2.5 - 10 Million USD

Individual (Sole Proprietorship )

Nchu miteran terry

2.5 - 10 Million USD