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Founded in September 2013, NANOARC stands on the primary vision of being a nanoscience-oriented organization with an ecotechnological (ecotech) perspective. To foster the creation of advanced technologies, without depleting the integrity of ecological systems. With nature as the substratum of inspiration, NanoArchitecture is the modus operandi and foundation stone of our work. NANOARC Ltd designs a broad range of nanomaterials atomically-architectured under mild and sustainable conditions, to develop nontoxic advanced nanocatalysts, energy generating & harvesting technologies, amongst others. Our services are offered world wide. The science of NanoArchitecture has opened the way to unprecedented functionality in materials beyond size miniature. The motivation for this residing in the fact that not every nanomaterial size is favourable for a given application, especially when material and size-induced toxicity become open concerns. Even with the right functionality, material compatibility within contemporary technological systems is a major hurdle for most nanomaterials. NanoArchitecture strategically alters the arrangement of atoms within a given crystal lattice to circumvent such scenarios. Alongside nanomaterial development and design, we are a scientific consultancy firm. We help our clients to clearly define their new business propositions and using a combination of research and development, we set up products and/or processes to improve our clients existing product offering as well as future endeavours. Weve been around for 3 years and have earned a respected reputation in the industry as a firm that consistently delivers results for our clients.

At NANOARC, we are NanoArchitects - sensitive to client needs, flexible in our approach, efficient and tactful.

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