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We are supplier of powder and Crushed kratom, based in West Kalimantan, Indonesia since 2013, leaves us reap the fresh leaves are taken from the garden kratom tree's age 5-10 years, fresh leaves without being exposed to substances pesticides and harmful chemicals and also protected from dirt soil and iron. Manufacture processing raw material Kratom Leaves of Quantum Herbals
1. Treatment into dry leaves fresh leave harvesting fresh leave the harvesting process is done early in the day, selected fresh leaves kratom dark green without flaws of the plants older than 3 years, begins after 3 - 5 times excerpt.
2. Transportasi after the leaves are picked immediately sent to the shelter with netbag and not allowed to accumulate in order to avoid damage due to heat. leaves which if left piled high and long, will generate heat that can damage the leaves physical and nutritional content.
3. Wash and Storage fresh leaves are up in the processing unit, into the washing tub to remove dirt, dust and other plant parts. the kratom leaves are already clean then stored in a storage rack.
4. Sortasi kratom fresh leaves and clean, separated from the twigs and stems, as well as selected yellow leaves, mottled white, young or damaged separated and discarded
5. Draining fresh leaves kratom drained sorting result in draining rack so that the water still clinging to leaves may be completely lost, so when entering the drying chamber no water is brought participate.
6. Drying drying is done in closed drying chamber with a temperature maintained stable between 30 - 35 OC for 2 days until completely dry or water content of 5%. the kratom leave are spread out in a special shelves with a thickness of no more than 2 cm. During the drying process, kratom leaves turned upside down in order to dry evenly. Processing into flour leaves dry Leaves
1. observations stock dry leaves observed when there is a change in the color of leaves, degree of dryness and the form in order to avoid loss of quality.
2. flouring, dry leaf pilverized using a machine flouringstainless steel. flouring done 3 times to ensure the result of powder leaves a smooth and easy in sifting.
3. sieving, the finished milled powder is filtered with a stainless steel sieve to produce leaf powder with finess level above 120 mesh and separating the grains are still rough, powder sieve, the packed in plastic packaging.
4. packaging powder sieve, then packed in vacum plastic packaging in bag packet 20 kg, 5 kg and 2 kg.

Product List:
Green Maeng Da
Green Papua
Green Kapuas
Green Malay
Green Borneo
Green Bali
Green Sumatera
White Malay
Maeng Da White Vein
White Bali
WHite Kapuas
Red Bali
Red Vein
Red Borneo
Stem And Vein

Price List:
$55 for 10 - 50 kg
$50 for 50 - 100 kg
$45 for 100 - 300 kg
$38 for 300 - 500 kg
$35 for 500 -1000,2000 kg
negotiable price !!

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