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Shanghai Skyline International Co., LIMI

Room 1215, No. 333 Jin Xiang Road,,Shanghai,Shanghai,China

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As the leading motorcycle parts and accessories manufacturer and supplier, Shanghai Skyline International Co., Limited has been delivering all kinds of top quality motorcycle parts and accessories world widely with excellent service. Located in Shanghai, the most developed logistic area of China with the worldwide transportation routes, Shanghai Skyline has accumulated rich successful experience to cooperate with plenty of business partners overseas. No matter what kinds of products you are looking for, please turn to Shanghai Skyline and she will satisfy you. Our main products include: Motorcycle Parts: motorcycle wheel, motorcycle rim, motorcycle hub, motorcycle bearing, motorcycle sprockets, motorcycle chain, motorcycle nipple and spoke, motorcycle brake shoe, motorcycle brake pad, motorcycle brake shoe, motorcycle brake cable, motorcycle foot pegs, motorcycle foot rest; Our hot products including: motorcycle rim, motorcycle hub, spoke and nipple, motorcycle brake parts and so on. Based on mutual benefits, Shanghai Fly Moto is willing to establish the long term business relationship with all the honorable customer. Once you choose shanghai Skyline, you win the top quality, competitive price, good service.Outboard Parts Catalog 6F6-W0001-02 POWER HEAD GASKET KIT 66T-W0001-01 POWER HEAD GASKET KIT 6F6-W0093-00 CARBURETOR REPAIR KIT 66T-W0093-01 CARBURETOR REPAIR KIT 66T-W0001-21 LOWER UNIT GASKET KIT 63D-W0078-00-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR KIT 679-W0078-01 WATER PUMP REPAIR KIT 6F5-W0078-A0 WATER PUMP REPAIR KIT 66T-W0078-0A CHROME PUMP KIT 3B2-01005-0 Cylinder Head Gasket 350-01005-0 Cylinder Head Gasket 351-01005-0 Cylinder Head Gasket 3C8-01005-4 Cylinder Head Gasket 677-11181-A1 Cylinder Head Gasket Cylinder Head Gasket 650-11181-A0 Cylinder Head Gasket 6E7-11181-A0-00 Cylinder Head Gasket 6L2-11181-00 Cylinder Head Gasket 656-11181-00 Cylinder Head Gasket 695-11181-00 Cylinder Head Gasket 6IN-11181-00 Cylinder Head Gasket 689-11181-00 Cylinder Head Gasket 66T-11181-00 Cylinder Head Gasket 6F5-11181-00 Cylinder Head Gasket 676-11181-01 Cylinder Head Gasket 6H4-11181-A0-00 Cylinder Head Gasket 697-11181-A0-00 Cylinder Head Gasket 688-11181-A1 Cylinder Head Gasket 11141-98101 Cylinder Head Gasket 11141-93950 Cylinder Head Gasket 11141-93000 Cylinder Head Gasket 11141-95205 Cylinder Head Gasket 11141-96300 Cylinder Head Gasket 11141-94400 Cylinder Head Gasket 11141-94301 Cylinder Head Gasket 688-45113-A0 GASKET, UPPER CASING 66T-45113-A0 GASKET, UPPER CASING 6F5-45113-A0 GASKET, UPPER CASING 6F5-11193-00 GASKET, HEAD COVER 3B2-02104-0 Gasket Inner Inlet Manifold 3B2-02105-0 Gasket Outer Inlet Manifold 6F5-13645-A1 GASKET, MANIFOLD 1 6F5-13646-A2 GASKET, MANIFOLD 2 688-45123-00 MUFFLER GASKET 6F5-14198-00 GASKET CARBURETOR 6F5-41112-A0 GASKET, EXHAUST INNER COVER 6F5-41114-A0 GASKET, EXHAUST OUTER COVER 3K9-02305-0 Gasket Exhaust Cover 3B2-01303-0 Gasket Engine Base 682-44315-A0 GASKET, WATER PUMP 63D-44316-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 688-44315-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 688-44316-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 688-44325-A0 GASKET, WATER PUMP 21-857005A 1 Diaphragm Kit 18-7818-1 Fuel Pump Kit 18-7817 Fuel Pump Kit 692-24411-00-00 Diaphragm Kit 663-24411-00-00 Diaphragm Kit 69M-12170-20 Camshaft 68D-E2170-00 Camshaft 66M-12170-00 Camshaft 65W-12170-10 Camshaft 3V1-07010-0 Camshaft 12711-94JM0 Camshaft 12700-94JL0 Camshaft 12700-89L00 Camshaft 69M-11400-00 Crankshaft Assy 67D-11400-00 Crankshaft Assy 66M-11411-00 Crankshaft Assy 63V-11400-01 Crankshaft Assy 65W-11411-01 Crankshaft Assy 66T-11400-01 Crankshaft Assy 309-00069-0 Crankshaft Assy 369-00030-0 Crankshaft Assy 3B2-00030-0 Crankshaft Assy 3V1-00030-1 Crankshaft Assy 03100-D05-0000 Crankshaft Assy 682-44322-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 63V-44322-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 676-44322-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 688-44322-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 17411-93901 INSERT CARTRIDGE 17411-94400 INSERT CARTRIDGE 682-44323-00 Outer Plate Cartridge 63V-44323-00 Outer Plate Cartridge 676-44323-40 Outer Plate Cartridge 688-44323-00 Outer Plate Cartridge 66T-44323-00-00 Outer Plate Cartridge 676-45533-00 SHIM 40G 682-45361-01-EJ CAP LOWER CASING 683-45361-01-4D CAP LOWER CASING 6G0-45361-00-94 CAP, LOWER CASING 63D-45361-02-4D CAP, LOWER CASING 676-45361-00-94 CAP LOWER CASING40G 688-45331-00-94 CAP LOWER CASING40G 6F8-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 69M-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 69M-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 6L5-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 46mm 6E5-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 90mm 6E7-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 56mm 6F5-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 78mm 6F6-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 78mm 66T-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 80mm 688-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 82mm 697-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 72mm 6k5-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 72mm 689-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 72mm 61N-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 72mm 6G0-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 67mm 6H4-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 67mm 664-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 67mm 677-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 50mm 676-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 75mm 662-10935-00 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 56mm 11212-93131 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 11212-96350 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 11212-94490 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 309-10937-0 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 369-10937-0 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 3B2-10937-0 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 3V1-10937-0 Cylinder Sleeve / Liner Cylinder Sleeve / Liner 6E9-82575-02/688-82575-01 YAMAHA EMERGENCY SAFETY SWITCH 703-82510-43 Outboard MAIN SWITCH ASSY 69M-85640-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 4 stroke 2.5HP IGNITION COIL ASS'Y 69M-85650-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 4 stroke 2.5HP Fly Wheel ASS'Y 3FO-06060-0 TOHTASU Outbaord 2 stroke 3.6HP C.D.I. UNIT ASSY 3FO-06120-0 TOHTASU Outbaord 2 stroke 3.6HP PULSER COIL ASSY 3FO-06153-0 TOHTASU Outbaord 2 stroke 3.6HP IGNITION COIL ASSY 67D-85640-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 4 stroke 4HP/5HP IGNITION COIL ASSY 67D-85650-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 4 stroke 4HP/5HP Flywheel Assy 3B2-06170-0 TOHATSU Outbaord 2 stroke 6HP/8HP/9.8HP C.D UNIT ASSY 3B2-06120-0 TOHATSU Outbaord 2 stroke 6HP/8HP/9.8HP Charge Coil 3B2-06101-0 TOHATSU Outbaord 2 stroke 6HP/8HP/9.8HP Fly Wheel Maganeto 369-06060-1 TOHTASU Outbaord 2 stroke 4HP/5HP C.D.I. UNIT ASSY 369-06050-2 TOHATSU Outbaord 2 stroke 4HP/5HP IGNITION COIL ASS'Y 369-06021-0 TOHATSU Outbaord 2 stroke 4HP/5HP CHARGE COIL 369-06001-0 TOHATSU Outbaord 2 stroke 4HP/5HP Flywheel Ass'y 369-06021-0 TOHATSU Outbaord 2 stroke 4HP/5HP PULSER COIL 3AA-06060-0 TOHTASU Outbaord 4 stroke 6HP/8HP/9.8HP C.D.I. UNIT ASSY 3V1-06040-0 TOHATSU Outbaord 4 stroke 6HP/8HP/9.8HP IGNITION COIL ASS'Y 3AA-06041-0 TOHATSU Outbaord 4 stroke 6HP/8HP/9.8HP CHARGE COIL 3AA-06091-0 TOHATSU Outbaord 4 stroke 6HP/8HP/9.8HP Flywheel Ass'Y 3V1-06071-0 TOHATSU Outbaord 4 stroke 6HP/8HP/9.8HP PULSER COIL 63V-85520-01 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 9.9HP/13.5HP/15HP CHARGE COIL 63V-85533-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 9.9HP/13.5HP/15HP LIGHTING COIL 63V-85540-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 9.9HP/13.5HP/15HP C.D.I UNIT ASS'Y 63V-85570-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 9.9HP/13.5HP/15HP IGNITION COIL ASS'Y 63V-85570-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 9.9HP/13.5HP/15HP IGNITION COIL ASS'Y 63V-85580-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 9.9HP/13.5HP/15HP PULSER COIL 63V-85550-10 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 9.9HP/13.5HP/15HP Fly Wheel Ass'y 66M-85520-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 4 stroke 9.9HP/13.5HP/15HP CHARGE COIL 66M-85533-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 4 stroke 9.9HP/13.5HP/15HP LIGHT COIL 66M-85540-10 YAMAHA Outbaord 4 stroke 9.9HP/13.5HP/15HP C.D.I UNIT ASS'Y 66M-85570-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 4 stroke 9.9HP/13.5HP/15HP IGNITION COIL ASS'Y 66M-85580-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 4 stroke 9.9HP/13.5HP/15HP PULSER COIL 66M-85550-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 4 stroke 9.9HP/13.5HP/15HP Fly Wheel Ass'y 65W-85540-12 YAMAHA Outbaord 4 stroke 20HP/25HP C.D.I UNIT ASS'Y 65W-12170-10 65W-85570-01 YAMAHA Outbaord 4 stroke 20HP/25HP IGNITION COIL ASS'Y 65W-85580-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 4 stroke 20HP/25HP/30A/40B PULSER COIL 65W-85550-11 YAMAHA Outbaord 4 stroke 20HP/25HP Flywheel Ass'y 61N-81313-09 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 20HP/25HP LIGHT COIL 61N-85540-13 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 25HP/30HP C.D.I UNIT ASS'Y 61N-85570-10 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 25HP/30HP IGNITION COIL ASS'Y 6H5-85570-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 25HP/30HP/40HP/40V/50HP IGNITION COIL ASS'Y 61N-85570-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 25HP/30HP IGNITION COIL ASS'Y 61N-85543-09 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 25HP/30HP PULSER COIL 61N-85543-19 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 25HP/30HP PULSER COIL 66T-85520-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 40HP/40X CHARGE COIL 66T-85530-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 40HP/40X LIGHT COIL 66T-85540-01 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 40HP/40X C.D.I UNIT ASS'Y 66T-85570-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 40HP/40V/40X IGNITION COIL ASS'Y 66T-85596-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 40HP/40X PULSER COIL 66T-85550-10 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 40HP/40X Fly Wheel Ass'y 6F5-85540-00 YAMAHA Outbaord C.D.I. UNIT ASSY 40HP/ 40G, 6H3-85540-11-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 60HP C.D.I UNIT ASS'Y 6K5-85550-A0 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 60HP Rotor ASS'Y/ Flywheel Ass'y 6H3-85520-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 60HP Charge Coil 6H3-85533-00 YAMAHA Outbaord 2 stroke 60HP lighting Coil 6YJ-24201-00 Outboard Fuel Tank Ass'y 24L 3B2-70167-0 Nissan/ Tohatsu Outboard Fuel Tank Ass'y 12L 6YL-24201-05 Yamaha Outboard Fuel Tank Ass'y 12L 6YJ-24610-00 Outboard Fuel Tank Cap 6Y1-24260-12 Outboard Fuel Meter Assy 3H6-70200-0 Nissan/ Tohatsu Outboard PRIMER VALVE ASS'Y 61J-24360 Outboard PRIMER PUMP ASSY 6G1-24305 YAMAHA FUEL PIPE JOINT COMP. 2 6Y1-24305 YAMAHA FUEL PIPE JOINT COMP. 2 6F5-45551-00 YAMAHA OUTBOARD 40HP PINION GEAR 6F5-45560-00 YAMAHA OUTBOARD 40HP GEAR 1 ASSY 618-45551-00 YAMAHA OUTBOARD PINION GEAR 618-45560-00 YAMAHA OUTBOARD GEAR 1 ASSY 6E7-45551-00 YAMAHA OUTBOARD 9.9HP/15HP PINION GEAR 6E7-45560-00 YAMAHA OUTBOARD 9.9HP/15HP GEAR 1 ASSY 626-45551-00 YAMAHA OUTBOARD 15HP PINION GEAR 626-45560-00 YAMAHA OUTBOARD 15HP GEAR 1 ASSY 647-45551-00 pinion of YAMAHA OUTBOARD Outboard 8HP 647-45560-00 Gear of YAMAHA OUTBOARD Outboard 8HP 57633-94300 SUZUKI OUTBOARD DT 40, & 65HP Propeller Spacer 63V-15741-00-00 YAMAHA OUTBOARD STARTER 8-15HP PAWL 6E7-45987-01 YAMAHA OUTBOARD 9.9/15 HP SPACER 1 663-45987-00 YAMAHA OUTBOARD 48 HP SPACER 2 670-45997-00 YAMAHA OUTBOARD 48 HP SPACER 1 688-45987-01 YAMAHA OUTBOARD 60-85 HP SPACER2 688-45997-01 YAMAHA OUTBOARD 60-115 HP SPACER 1 57632-93902 Thrust Washer SUZUKI OUTBOARD DT 9.9 15 HP 57633-93901 SUZUKI OUTBOARD Propeller DT 9.9 &15 Spacer 90171-16011 Yamaha Outboard 40G/40J Propeller Castel Nut 676-45616-00 YAMAHA Outboard Old 40HP propeller Castel Nut 6H3-13610-00 YAMAHA 2 stroke 60HP Reed Valve Ass'y 66T-13610-00 YAMAHA 2 stroke 40HP Reed Valve Ass'y 63V-13610-00 YAMAHA 4 stroke 15HP Reed Valve Ass'y 65W-43800-02-4D YAMAHA Outbaord 4 stroke 20HP/25HP tilt motor/tilt pump 830050T3 Mercury Mariner 30/40/45/50/55/60 hp, MANUAL TRIM ASSEMBLY 309-87130-0 Piston Repair Kit 309-87131-0 Piston Repair Kit 0.50 369-87130-0 Piston Repair Kit 369-87131-0 Piston Repair Kit 0.50 6E7-11630-00 Piston Repair Kit 6F6-11630-00 Piston Repair Kit 309-00004-1 Piston 0.50 369-00001-1 Piston STD 369-00004-1 Piston 0.50 6F8-11631-00-98 Piston STD 677-11631-01 Piston STD 677-11635-00 Piston 0.25 677-11636-00 Piston 0.50 662-11631-01 Piston STD 669-11631-00 Piston STD 6E7-11631-00-97 Piston STD 6E7-11635-00 PISTON (0.25MM O/S) 6E7-11636-00 PISTON (0.50MM O/S) 648-11631-00-96 Piston STD 6GO-11631-00-95 Piston STD 61N-11631-00-95 Piston STD 61N-11635-00 PISTON (0.25MM O/S) 61N-11636-00 PISTON (0.50MM O/S) 676-11631-60-95 Piston STD 6H4-11631-01-95 Piston STD 6H4-11635-01 PISTON (0.25MM O/S) 6H4-11636-01 PISTON (0.50MM O/S) 648-11633-00 Piston STD 696-11631-00-95 Piston STD 6K5-11631-03-95 Piston STD 6K5-11635-03 PISTON (0.25MM O/S) 6K5-11636-03 PISTON (0.50MM O/S) "61N-11631-00 689- E1631-00-95" Piston STD 6F6-11631-00-95 Piston STD 6F6-11635-00 PISTON (0.25MM O/S) 6F6-11636-00 PISTON (0.50MM O/S) 66T-11631-00-93 Piston STD 66T-11635-00 PISTON (0.25MM O/S) 66T-11636-00 PISTON (0.50MM O/S) 6H4-11631-01 Piston STD 676-11631-60-95 Piston STD 696-E1631-00-95 Piston STD 688-E1631-00-95 Piston STD 688-E1631-00-94 Piston STD 6K5-11631-03 Piston STD "688-11631-03 6H1-11631-03" 12110-96350 Piston STD 12110-96350 Piston STD 12110-94354 Piston STD 12110-94400 Piston STD 302-00011-0 Piston Ring Set 302-00014-0 Piston Ring Set 369-87123-0 Piston Ring Set 369-87124-0 Piston Ring Set 6F8-11610-00 Piston Ring Set 647-11610-00 Piston Ring Set 647-11610-10 Piston Ring Set 0.25 647-11610-20 Piston Ring Set 0.50 682-11610-01 Piston Ring Set 682-11610-11 Piston Ring Set (0.25MM O/S) 682-11610-21 Piston Ring Set (0.50MM O/S) 61N-11603-00 Piston Ring Set 61N-11604-00 Piston Ring Set (0.25MM O/S) 61N-11605-00 Piston Ring Set (0.50MM O/S) 6F5-11610-00 Piston Ring Set 6F5-11610-10 Piston Ring Set (0.25MM O/S) 6F5-11610-20 Piston Ring Set (0.50MM O/S) 66T-11603-00 Piston Ring Set 66T-11604-00 Piston Ring Set (0.25MM O/S) 66T-11605-00 Piston Ring Set (0.50MM O/S) 6G0-11610-00 Piston Ring Set 6G0-11610-20 Piston Ring Set 689-11610-00 Piston Ring Set 6F5-11610-00 Piston Ring Set 6F5-11610-20 Piston Ring Set 66T-11610-00 Piston Ring Set 66T-11610-20 Piston Ring Set 6K5-11601-02 Piston Ring Set 6K5-11601-12 Piston Ring Set (0.25MM O/S) 6K5-11601-22 Piston Ring Set (0.50MM O/S) 688-11610-00 Piston Ring Set 688-11610-20 Piston Ring Set N12140-93130 Piston Ring Set N12140-93130 Piston Ring Set 12140-96361 Piston Ring Set 12140-96361 Piston Ring Set 12140-94400 Piston Ring Set 12140-94400 Piston Ring Set 64D-11603-A0 Piston Ring Set 64D-11605-A0 Piston Ring Set 35300-0110M Piston Ring Set 309-00021-1 Piston Pin 369-00021-1 Piston Pin 646-11633-00 Piston Pin 6G1-11633-00 Piston Pin 634-11633-00 Piston Pin 689-11633-00 Piston Pin 6F5-11633-00 Piston Pin 6H3-11633-00 Piston Pin 309-00024-1 Piston Pin Clip 350-00024-1 Piston Pin Clip 93450-11021 Piston Pin Clip 93602-14104 Piston Pin Clip 663-11634-00 Piston Pin Clip 309-00040-0 Connecting rod 369-00040-0 Connecting rod 3B2-00040-0 Connecting rod 350-00040-0 Connecting rod 345-00040-1 Connecting rod 6E0-11651-01 Connecting rod 650-11650-04 Connecting rod 648-11651-00 Connecting rod 689-11651-00 Connecting rod 6F5-11651-00 Connecting rod 6H4-11650-00 Connecting rod 688-11650-00 Connecting rod 6K5-11651-00 Connecting rod 12161-93902 Connecting rod 12161-96300 Connecting rod 12161-94400 Connecting rod 12161-95300 Connecting rod 12161-95301 Connecting rod 309-00043-0 bearing 16-22-12 93310-418U0 bearing 309-00042-0 Bearing 10.5-14-15 93602-14118 Dowel Pin 96201-12565 Washer Plate 93341-41414 Thrust Bearing 93342-624U0 Thrust Bearing SHIM 646-44352-01 Water Pump Impeller 6L5-44352-00 Water Pump Impeller 6E0-44352-00 Water Pump Impeller 661-44352-00 Water Pump Impeller 47-96305M Water Pump Impeller 3B2-65021-1 Water Pump Impeller 63V-44352-01 Water Pump Impeller 682-44352-01-00 Water Pump Impeller 47 84027M Water Pump Impeller 6G0-44352-00-00 Water Pump Impeller 689-44352-02 Water Pump Impeller 47-84797M Water Pump Impeller 6F5-44352-02 Water Pump Impeller 66T-44352-02 Water Pump Impeller 688-44352-03-00 Water Pump Impeller 697-44352-02 Water Pump Impeller 17461-96902 Water Pump Impeller 17461-96301 Water Pump Impeller 19210-ZW9-A32 Water Pump Impeller 93102-20108 Crankshaft Upper Oil Seal 93102-09004 Crankshaft Lower Oil Seal 3B2-00051-0 Crankshaft Middle Oil Seal 101-00121-0 Crankshaft Upper Oil Seal 93103-09M41 Water Pipe Seal 647-44366-00 Water Pipe Seal 66M-45128-00 Water Pipe Seal 93101-13M12 Propeller Shaft Oil Seal 3FO-01215-0 Driver shaft Upper Oil Seal 93101-10M14 Driver shaft Lower Oil Seal 93102-25090 Crankshaft Upper Oil Seal 309-00121-0 Crankshaft Upper Oil Seal 93102-35008 Crankshaft Upper Oil Seal 93102-30M56 Crankshaft Lower Oil Seal 369-60111-0 Propeller Shaft Oil Seal 93101-17054 Propeller Shaft Oil Seal 3V1-00121-0 Crankshaft Upper Oil Seal 3H8-07025-0 Camshaft Oil Seal 93102-35M51 Camshaft Oil Seal A 93102-25M52 Camshaft Oil Seal B 93102-18M21 Camshaft Oil Seal A 93101-12M63 Camshaft Oil Seal B 3B2-01215-0 Driver shaft Upper Oil Seal 93101-20001 Driver shaft Upper Oil Seal 3V1-65206-0 Water Pipe Upper Seal 3V1-60041-0 WATER SEAL RUBBER 393-62416-0 Bushing Upper Steering 393-62417-0 Bushing Lower Steering 6B4-45318-00 Drive shaft bushing 646-44365-00-00 RUBBER WATER SEAL 689-44366-00-00 Rubber Water Seal 90480-25M70 RUBBER BUSH 90480-30M71 RUBBER BUSH 61T-44194-01 RUBBER BUSH 66T-15723-00 RUBBER BUSH 66T-24329-00 Rubber Bush 6A0-15761-00 Rubber Seal 676-44522-01 Rubber Seal 63V-15762-00 Rubber Seal 69P-42716-00 Rubber Seal 63V-45375-00-00 Rubber Seal 6A0-15761-00 Rubber Seal 90385-12M04 Rubber Seal 688-42716-02 Rubber Seal 682-45127-00 Rubber Seal 682-44521-01 Rubber Seal 688-15379-00 Crankcase seal 3H6-06906-0 RUBBER DAMPER 3h9-06907-0 RUBBER DAMPER 682-44532-00-00 UPPER MT.R Stopper 309-60111-0 66M-15316-00 OIL DRAIN JACKET 63V-44365-10 QUADRATE SEAL, WATER PIPE 3V1-61301-1 Rubber Mount Upper 66M-44514-00-4D Rubber Mount Upper 63V-44514-01-5B UPPER SIDE MOUNT DAMPER 63V-W4451-01-CA UPPER SIDE MOUNT DAMPER 689-44555-00-00 LOWER SIDE Rubber MOUNT 93210-05001 O-Ring 93210-12MG9 O-Ring 1.22*11.6 93210-14515 O-Ring 1.9*13.8 93210-33MH2 O-Ring 1.9*3..5 93210-75M51 Flywheel O-ring 93210-46M16 carbureotr O-ring 93210-69MG6 Lower casing O-ring 93210-74MG5 Lower casing O-ring 93210-59MG7 Water Pump O ring 93210-45161 OUTER PLATE, CARTRIDGE O Ring 69M-E5789-00 Handle Starter Damper 6G8-44532-00 Upper Mount Stopper 69M-E5316-00 Engine Mount Damper 69M-42528-00 Friction Plate 6F6-42177-AO Rubber Handle 6G1-44147-00 Shift Rod Boot 696-44147-00 Shift Rod Boot 6B4-44147-00 Shift Rod Boot 663-45119-00-00 GREASE NIPPLE CAP 688-45123-00 MUFFLER GASKET 688-14416-01-00 air cylinder gasket 663-42133-01 gasket 369-66043-1 Grommet 172-36008-0 Grommet 682-42724-00 Grommet 6D4-41273-00 GROMMET 90480-15M06 GROMMET 6H3-81922-00 GROMMET 676-26326-00 GROMMET 676-42727-00 GROMMET 663-42724-00 GROMMET 6H4-42726-00 GROMMET 688-42725-10 GROMMET 6B4-42727-00 GROMMET. TAPON 93420-36M01 CIRCLIP 6G5-42791-01 RUBBER WIRE CLAMP 6G5-42791-01 RUBBER WIRE CLAMP 90480-14006 Damper 663-42662-00 Damper 6H1-43847-00 MANUAL VALVE SEAT 682-45344-00 oil seal cover 689-43373-01 SEAL, LOCK BOLT 682-42727-00 JACKET, LEVER 65W-42726-00 SHEATH, WAVE 663-43318-00 Rubber Cover 66M-42177-00 Rubber Handle 15100-91J02 FUEL PUMP ASSY 15100-96001 FUEL PUMP ASSY 15100-94301 FUEL PUMP ASSY 15100-93310 FUEL PUMP ASSY FUEL PUMP ASSY 1528010 FUEL PUMP ASSY 14360A78 FUEL PUMP ASSY 692-24410-00 Fuel Pump ASSY 66M-13300-10 Fuel Pump ASSY 67D-24410-03 Fuel Pump ASSY 61N-24560-00-00 Fuel Filter Assy 58100-93723-019 Aluminum Propeller 3x9-1/4X9 58100-95222-019 Aluminum Propeller 3x11-1/2x11 6F8-45942-01-EL Aluminum Propeller 3x7-1/4X5 A 6L5-45949-00-EL Aluminum Propeller 3x7-1/4X5 BS 6L5-45943-01-EL Yamaha 2HP - 3.5HP Propeller 7-1/4X6-BS 6E0 45943 01 EL Yamaha 4HP Aluminum propeller 7 1/2x7 BA 683-45945-00-EL Yamaha 9.9HP-15HP Outboard Motor Propeller 9 1/4X9-J 683-45947-00-EL Yamaha 9.9HP-15HP Outboard Motor Propeller 9 1/4X8-J 63V-45945-00-EL Yamaha 9.9HP-15HP Outboard Motor Propeller 9 1/4X10-J 63V-45943-00-EL Yamaha 9.9HP-15HP Outboard Motor Propeller 9 1/4X11-J 664-45945-00-EL YAMAHA ALUMINUM PROPELLER 20HP 25HP 30HP 9 7/8 X 10 1/2

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Propeller Drive Shaft, Propeller Shaft Clutch Dog Propeller Drive Shaft
Outboard Carburetor, fuel pump, Fuel Filter Outboard Carburetor fuel
Outboard Cylinder Liner/ camisa de cilindro de motor de fuera de borda Outboard Cylinder Liner/
Outboard Piston Kit/ Piston de Fuera borda Outboard Piston Kit/ Piston
Water Pump Impeller and Kit for YAMAHA/Suzuki/Tohatsu  (3B2-87322-2) Water Pump Impeller and Kit
Inboard Impeller for Jabsco	Johnson	Nikkiso	Cef	Kashiyama	Onan	Sherwood	Doosan	Volvo	Yanmar Inboard Impeller for
32140-93900 Coil Primary 32140-93900 Coil Primary
Outboard Crankshaft Bearing Outboard Crankshaft Bearing
3B2-70260-0 Fuel Connector 3B2-70260-0 Fuel Connector
Outboard Connecting Rods/ Biela de Fuera de Borda Outboard Connecting Rods/
6f5-11610-00-95 Outboard Piston 6f5-11610-00-95 Outboard

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Contact Person :Mr. Diamond

Company:Shanghai Skyline International Co., LIMI

Address:Room 1215, No. 333 Jin Xiang Road,, Shanghai, Shanghai, China,201206


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Business Type: Exporters

Main Markets: Americas,Africa,Asia,Caribbean,America,Europe,Middle East,Oceania,Worldwide

Products / Services: outboard parts, brushercutter parts, power generator, motorcycle parts, yamaha outboard, piston kit, connecting rods, cdi,

Year Established: 1994

Number of Employees: 6-10

Other Information

Registered Capital: 50 - 100 Million USD

Ownership Type: Partnership

Legal Representative / CEO: -

Total Annual Sales Volume:

50 - 100 Million USD

Export Percentage: 63

Factory Information

Factory Location: Shanghai

Factory Size: -

No. of Production Lines: 9

Total Annual Purchase Volume: 2.5 - 10 Million USD

No. of R&D Staff: 6 - 10 people

Quality Control: Third Parties

No. of QC Staff: 21 - 30 people

Certificates: TS 16949

Contract Manufacturing: -