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Thuan Thien Trading Investment Company Limited (formerly Hy Thanh Trading Production Company Limited) was established on 16 October 2003 with over 10 years of experience operating in the main fields of: Wholesale of sugar, Financial investment, Real estate business, etc. 

Under the trend in globalization, development is an inevitable demand. With the original charter capital of 05 billion Vietnam dongs, at the current time, Thuan Thien Trading Investment Co., Ltd has developed with the charter capital of 500 billion Vietnam dongs. With a team of experienced leaders and a team of dynamic, highly professional, enthusiastic and solidarity staff, Thuan Thien Trading Investment Co., Ltd has gradually developed into a commercial brand of prestige and strong potential in sugar industry market. Besides, Thuan Thien Trading Investment Co., Ltd has been continuing to shape and focus our resources on such potential fields as Financial investments, Real Estate, etc.

At this moment, Thuan Thien is in the way to build up new business, international trading in term of agricultural products, We have desire to make full use of tremendous advantage of Vietnamese agriculture industry and expand our business all over the world. With determined, passionated, dynamic, adapted and professional young staff , we do believe that Thuan Thien will get more and more sustainable success of broaden development in the future.

Over the years, the Company has established strategic relationships with partners under a motto of always respecting our valued Customers trust as well as delighting with our valued Customers success. You, the Value partner, are a motivation and success of each staff as well as our entire Company. By goals and expectations ahead, along with dynamism, creativity and will of overcoming ourselves of the team of leadership and staff, our Company has sustainably developed and maximized opportunities of using capital resources to improve operational efficiency.


Representative office of Thuan Thien Trading Investment Company Limited

94A Khuong Viet, Phu Trung Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: (+84) 838.615.981 (+84) 838.615.982

Fax: (+84) 838.615.962

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