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TOYO PUMPS Singapore Pte. Ltd., are exclusive marketing associates of Toyo Denki, Japan. The TOYO Dredging System have revolutionized dredging concept in SEA, and Toyo Pumps Singapore Pte. Ltd., are privileged to be a part of this revolution.

Toyo Denki are the inventors, patented designers and manufacturers of TOYO PUMPS for more than 6 decades. Toyo Denki are very active in the global market with an average production of 2400-2600 Pumps of various capacities every year.

TOYO Pumps effectively gives an economical alternative to  any dredging job big or small which until now required using cutter suction dredgers, which naturally made dredging very expensive and time consuming.

TOYO Pumps find ready application in dredging - especially in land reclamation, sand collection from sea or river, dredging in fishing harbours, minor ports, etc.

Toyo Dredging system has made dredging easy, economical and simple. Today Toyo Pumps is the first choice for many solids pumping operations be it sand, minerals, iron ore, coal, fly-ash, sewage, pulp, effluents, etc.

The TOYO Pump system was specifically designed to pump solids that have settled out of fluid suspension, the very situation where conventional pumps fail. The rotating cutter blades of TOYO\'s patented built-in agitator will move from rest material up to 70 percent solids by weight into the TOYO impeller, whips it into a slurry and pushes a high concentration of this slurry into the impeller, which is then pumped out.

Moving slurries using pumps is a well known technology; using pumps to transfer low density slurries is also common. What is NEW is using a pump to agitate materials from rest, whip it into a slurry and pump it at high densities continuously and to comparably long distances. 

All in one single operation

The TOYO pump is a Submersible, agitator sand pump. Built very sturdily with extra ordinary features for use in rugged, difficult and exacting service conditions.

The unique feature of the Toyo Pump is its patented built in mechanical agitator, specially designed to agitate the solids that have settled and whip it into a thick slurry. A high concentration of this slurry is then directed to the impeller, which is then pumped out. This is precisely where conventional pumps fail to deliver.

The TOYO PUMP, with its built-in mechanical agitator, has been specially designed to pump solids that have settled. The rotating custom built agitator of TOYO pump moves the solids from rest, whips it into a dense slurry and directs a highly concentrated and continuous flow of material into the impeller. This is then pumped out.

The TOYO PUMP range consists of the ET Series, DP(Light) Series, DPF/ DP (Dredge Pump) Series, DP(A) Sand Collection Series, the DV Tank Mounted Series, the DPE Series and TOYO Accessories

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