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The name Shemenzera comes from two Hebrew words Shemen and Zera.
Shemen may mean fat, oil, fat of a fruitful land or a fertile field and 
Zera may mean seed, sowing, offspring, semen virile or sowing time, depending on the context either is being used. 
Shemenzera therefore means the seed that produces oil. The seed in itself is resourceful because it can multiply itself. The source and labour. 
Shemenzera Company Limited is a company that was founded in September 2011. The conception of this company started when the president of the company made his first trip to the Northern region of Ghana. It was on this journey by road that Andrew Nii Sowah Kpobi discovered how blessed the northern land and its people are. On that trip, he came across vast land that has neither been cultivated or developed. It was fallow. He saw the vast land covered in greenery and it was a very pleasant sight.
 Years later, he discovered that the vast land with those wild trees were mostly shea trees. That was when the concept and vision of Shemenzera was birthed. 
Once, in Karaga, a small village in the Northern Region of Ghana, he started building a network of friends who he knew were going to aid in bringing the vision of Shemenzera to fruition. Shemenzera took a very long while to develop and has evolved into what we now see. 
As at now Shemenzera has a very strong presence in all the three Northern Regions of Ghana and we operate from the villages where we have a network of peasant farmers especially women who work tirelessly by the day in making us what we are now.
The successes we have clocked is as a result of these selfless women and farmers who work very hard to keep their livelihood.

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