Oil Economy- No More!


Author: Uzair Ali Khan

Let me take you to a place where you’ve never been- the year 2025. The stereotypes have been broken, the cliché ‘destroyed. Welcome to the Golden goose Saudi Arabia.

This is a place, where everyone is an entrepreneur and making most of his life. This ultimate land of opportunities, gives the fruits of labor to each man on God’s green earth. The global trade is all time high. Dubai is the story of the bye gone days; Jeddah is the place to be. Oil- earning is labeled, a disgraced. Foreign brands: from Target to Tapal , Apple inc to Nokia  are located to the remote areas of the country.  Physical selling is out dated, B2B industry has brought out revolution years ago, and
B2B E-Commerce websites continues to be the leader in the business, due to successfully helping out companies all over the world to improve their trade and as a result, made the world a better place. The Corniche Beach, at Jeddah, is the global tourist attraction spot, with the gigantic fountain grabbing everyone’s attention. All the investors are looking to start a venture, but unfortunately for them, that era has long passed by.

Do I have everybody’s attention now!!!!!!

If not, then I don’t know what will. In recent memory, due to the huge slump in the oil prices, the economy of Saudi Arabia has taken a huge toll and the effects are visible on their operational trade strategy. $36 per barrel, who would’ve ever thought of that?

According to the new strategy of the stern Saudi Government, there is a breath of fresh air & they will consider flexibility in their trade rules and regulations, after all, they need to balance their national budget. The statistics, according to recent research shows:

Source: Deutsche Bank and IMF

Though they are largest exporter of oil in the world and currently holds $600 billion asset reserves, but it is, as they call, for now! There is no denying in the fact that 70% of their economy is based on the earnings from the oil industry. There future strategy is the beginning of a new era, an era of development. According to the Saudi ministry for development, Investment of $70 billion is being reserved for the development of six new economic cities in the country, which leads to my point: “You, dear reader, Can make money!!!”

According to the brains of R&D department at Trade key, King Abdullah economic city or simply KAEC, is on the brink of completion and with the future strategy of developing more cities in the future is in sight, This is the opportunity to be the pioneer of your industry in the country , a claim, no one can take away from your company.  The global trade has never been as easy as it is now; you no longer need huge buildings or great investments to be inside that territory. The B2B industry is your savior. You can intrude any part of the country via these B2B professionals.

One of the prime attraction Is the tourism and global exposure that Saudi Arabia has, is the annual holy HAJJ, a religious event that can be the prime market segment for any industry of the world. With the approx number of people annually visiting KSA is a whooping 2,000,000, with versatile taste, creed, choices and preferences. The possibilities are endless for your brand, and quite simply if you don’t have the resources, you have leading
B2B E-commerce websites  that exist to give your business a helping hand.

The Verdict:

So here it is smart people; this is a chance and a place that needs your business. The country is at the brink of a revolution.

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