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Why a good product description can increase your inquiry flow?


Uzair Hamid

We all are aware of the fact that content is king. A good content helps to drive traffic on the website page. The quality of content becomes even more crucial when a b2b firm wishes to use it for lead generation purpose. This article sheds light on the importance of good content for the success of any brand; and how suppliers can use content of their product description to increase inquiries.

Ever since the advent of internet, the way of making sales has also changed. eCommerce platforms have been growing for more than a decade now. The major issue with online platforms is the absence of physical touch. Customers cannot feel or touch the product, and this makes writing about the product very significant. The product description should include quality content, strong enough to convince potential customers.

First impression is the last impression. Customers perform researching online before making any purchase decision. If a company fails to impress prospects, the chance of not closing a sale is high. Customers make purchase decision if they feel connected with the brand. In order to persuade customers that this is the brand they are looking for, companies should focus on the quality of content they want to use for their product descriptions.

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Companies should understand that content influences more than any other medium. Prospects are interested in learning more about a product or brand; hence, it is important for the company to educate them. The product description should be written in such a manner that it answers all and specific questions that may arise in the mind of customer. Generic content is not required these days and that is why companies should be focusing on genuine and real content in order to build a long lasting image in the minds of customers. The product description should impress the customer and let him or her know that this is the product they are actually looking for.

Companies while finalizing their content for product description should also brainstorm on the preferences of their prospects. In order to provide value to customer, it is imperative to understand them first. Customers want to have a custom content delivered on their station. A company that knows its target market has better chances to produce quality product description and ultimately a good sales amount.

Study the needs and behaviors of customer and always incorporate them while writing a product description. It is better to speak in the language of the customers. Although the product may have all the benefits but if it is not delivered to them in the language they can understand, all efforts will go in vain. A better example would be to use story telling approach, in which you know when to approach customer through a formal tone and when through a more casual tone.

Focus on creating a unique content and customers would definitely appreciate extra efforts that have been put on the creation of real product description. Unique content will also provide higher search ranking on Google and other search engines. Also, use keywords that customers will be looking for. Incorporate keywords in the product description that are more likely to be searched by the customers on search engines.

It is advisable for the companies to put themselves in the shoes of the customer. Think as a customer about what benefits do you want to have from this product and are the features of the product sufficient enough to deliver those benefits? This is not going to be an easy task if companies ignore the viewpoint of customers while writing a product description.

Lastly, write for success. Keep your product description enthusiastic, as this alone will contribute a lot in generating sales. Write drafts and review them time to time before jumping on to the final version of product description. Never forget that in today’s world brand highly relies on content marketing and product description is your only way of reaching out customers in virtual world of B2B ecommerce.

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