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Bio Insecticides

  • MF: bio
  • FEMA No.: nNM
  • Type: Preservatives, Enzyme Preparations, Stabilizers, Nutrition Enhancers, Antioxidants
  • Brand Name: pangbo
Guangxi Huimaotong Business Co., Ltd.
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  • Brand Name: MikRoot
  • Soil with its rich organic content serves as an excellent place for several pests to thrive and flourish. White grubs, wireworms, termites and nematodes are some of the important pests. MIKROOT is ...
Miklens Bio Pvt. Ltd
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    Jadi Buti is an advanced bio technological product made by COW URINE and Ginger which gives powerful action to kill and fight all types of insects i.e. white fly, Green fly, sucking insects etc. U...
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  • Min Order : 2 Ton
  • Business Type: Manufacturing
Nature's Favour
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  • Release Type: Controlled
  • State: Liquid
  • Application: Agriculture
  • Brand Name: NASCO
Nano Agro-science Co-operative Society Limited
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  • Model : 50000IU/mg
  • Min Order : 1
  • Business Type: Manufacturing
Hubei Kangxin Agro-Industry Co., Ltd.
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  • Classification: 121190
  • CAS No.: 83-79-4
  • Other Names: Derris, Cube
  • Release Type: Controlled
  • State: Powder
  • Purity (%): 9%
  • Application: Bio Acuiculture
  • Brand Name: BIO ROTEN 9%
Ecompal SAC
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    Tea Candy Tea candy is the active polysaccharide which is extracted from the wild tea. Tea candy promotes plants to grow as the plant growth regulator. Tea candy can enhance plants rsquo abil...
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Insecticides are a close class of pesticides but are expertly involved in the repelling or killing of insects. These are also broadly categorized into ants, bugs, wasp chemicals and prevent them from hovering close to the plants or medical supplies. Insecticide repellants are used as a repellant in most cases since they can be quite toxic causing harm to human body. Manufacturers are supplying a large percentage of these chemicals to plant growers.