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  • Brand Name: SUNSHINE LASER
  • Application : other, Laser Engravinglaser marking
  • Laser Type: Fiber
  • We are a professional manufacturer of different Laser Machines, and we can provide you competitive price, best performance and good after-sale service. amp nbsp amp nbsp Laser Marking Machine ...
Shenzhen Sunshine Laser Devices Co;Ltd
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  • Brand Name: AMAN
  • Condition : New
  • The machine can easily be placed in a small workshop or home. Will apply for relief 3d- treatment three-dimensional objects , reliefs, souvenirs, cliche , engraving personalization items , cre...
Aman Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    Cam division series category: DS- Spindle type amp nbsp amp nbsp DF- flange amp nbsp DT- Platform-type amp nbsp P- Flat type amp nbsp Y- Cylinder type amp nbsp 80- An input shaft, an outp...
Qingdao Kingwind Industry Co., Ltd
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  • Model : GFY-8025
  • Min Order : 1 Set
  • FOB Price : 2500 $
  • Supplying Abbility : 70Set / Month
  • Delivery Time : 25days
  • Business Type: Manufacturing
Wuxi Inavo Appliance Co., Ltd
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  • Brand Name: FIST
  • FIST CNC 4030Z-S 3Axis 800W CNC Drilling Machine, Mini CNC machine With CE Specifications 800W Spindle Acirc nbsp 220V Acirc nbsp 3 Axis Acirc nbsp Ball Screw Acirc nbsp Water cooled spind...
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  • Brand Name: Jiake
  • CNC Welded Wire Fencing Machine Contact:Mr.Kenny Acirc nbsp Skype:saleshebei Email: Acirc nbsp Wire diameter 2.5-5mm Acirc nbsp Acirc nbsp Aperture:50-300mm Acirc nbsp Acirc nbsp...
Hebei Jiake Welding Equipment Co., Ltd
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  • Min Order : 500 Piece
  • Supplying Abbility : 1Acre / Day
  • Delivery Time : 30~45 days
  • Business Type: Manufacturing
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  • Brand Name: Thefirsttool
  • he Acirc nbsp machine Acirc nbsp features: Acirc nbsp the Acirc nbsp machine Acirc nbsp hardware Acirc nbsp features: Acirc nbsp 1, Acirc nbsp the Acirc nbsp machine Acirc nbsp is Acirc ...
Shenzhen Zhouyu Intelligent Technology Co;Ltd
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    Name:CNC Punching, Stamping Parts, Punched Parts, Punched products, CNC Machine Parts, CNC punching plate, CNC punch press tooling, cnc machining punching part, CNC punching service, metal stamping...
Qingdao Emil Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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  • Model : KDPC3015
  • Min Order : 1 Unit
  • Supplying Abbility : 85Unit / Month
  • Delivery Time : 15 days
  • Business Type: Manufacturing
  • Total Annual Sales Volume : 2.5 - 10
Wuhan Kudat Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
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  • Brand Name: PWELL
  • CNC or Not : CNC
  • Condition: New
  • This machine is reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, wide range of uses, easy to operate, can automatically complete the various parts of the external circular, end, grooving, any taper, spher
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  • Brand Name: OEM
  • Material: otherAluminum
  • Aluminum die casting parts, customized specification are acceptble1. Professional in OEM service 2. CNC lathe machining 3.Strict inspection system and advance inspection Equipments 4.. ISO9001
Qingdao Kama Precision Machinery Manufacture Co.,LTD.
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  • Application: Machine
  • Brand Name: SteelTailor
  • 1.CNC Cutting Machine, On Sale 2.CE Quality 3.93 global distributors 4.Best portable CNC cutting machine in the global market
Beijing ESS Ltd.
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  • Brand Name: Bezel
  • Bezel Machinery is a factory specializes in manufacturing conveyor chains, modular belts, sprockets , other conveyor components and conveyor systems.
Bezel Machinery(Shanghai) Co. Ltd

    VR0506S Table size: 540 640mm Max working size: 600 500mm Z travelling height: 110mm Max travel speed: 7000mm/min Motor: servo motor Japan Mitsubishi Power supply: 220V/50Hz Spindle speed:...
Nanjing Viccam Technology Enterprise Co., Ltd
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"CNC stand for computer numerical control. In advanced systems, automated computer aided manufacturing programs are used for end to end computed design. Generally, a computer file is interpreted for extraction of commands which are used for operating systems through post processor. They are then loaded into CNC machineries for production. Different tools are required such as saws and drills to complete the process. Like every machine, crash also occurs in CNC machines which can damage the system partially. Mostly faults occur in vises and accessories as a result of bending of cutting tools. Hence careful handling is required to avoid mild crash in the system. Absolute position is not often predefined in CNC tools. Often it is possible to drive the system out of the driving mechanism. Also there are few machines which can limit axis motion. However such parameters can be redefined by the operator." "CNC tools are not usually familiar with the operating environment. These machines are equipped with axis drives and load sensing systems. They work according to the embedded code. Operator plays key role in indentifying weather a crash is going to be occurred or not. In case of overload, spindle movement can be stopped with the help of load sensors which are equipped with load sensors. In these machines, absolute position sensors are also used to avoid collision by timely detection. Power draw sensors and torque sensors are present on drive system, and are utilized for detection of abnormal strain. Generally there are the most common CNC tools. CNC tools often depend upon accuracy of stepper motors which rotates few degrees when magnetic field exhibits a change. Tool position monitoring involves the calculation of pulses. Stepper position monitoring is done to avoid crash for position monitoring. " There are hundreds of benefits of using cnc machines in an industrial environment. First of all They can be operated continuously even for an year but need to be switched off when maintenance is being performed. Cnc machines provide productivity of the same product to thousands of times with no quality issue..They are easy to operate and don’t need highly qualified staff for operations which ultimately cuts of the production cost. They are usually modified with the help of dedicated software. Its software is very much interesting which resembles like a computer game and can be easily used for its modification. Cnc machines are based on numerical control programming language. It works on G codes. This code helps in initiating the work order and coordinates the tool. CAD(i.e computer aided programs) are converted into CAM(i.e computer aided software) in the beginning of the operations. Cnc manufacturing process can be divided into 4 stages called finishing, control millings, semi finishing and roughing. Roughing: It is the introduction of billet, raw stock which can be transformed into approximate shape. Semi finishing: It utilizes constatnt step over passes, waterline passes, raster passes and pencil milling techniques for reshaping. Finishing: It basically performs spindle rotation with high speed along with decreasing feed rate. It also helps in getting final producet in more fine way. Contour milling: Contouring is done by rotating work piece with high accuracy to finish the part. In general, there are many types of machines but specifically in CNC tools industry 2 major types exists which are as follows: Lathe: They are basically used for producing round parts in a very efficient way. Programming Is usually done in 2 axes. X axis is used for controlling the cross motion of the cutting tool. Positive x axis helps in moving away the spindle centerline where as negative x axis helps in moving the spindle towards centered line. Z axis helps in controlling the carriage from the headstock. Milling machines: It has always been the most demanding tools of the industry. IT helps in different performing different tasks such as reaming, boring, drilling, gear cutting, contouring and milling. They are programmed usually in 3 axes: