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729-N Pig Mold Coating



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Pennsylvania, USA


1 Pallet

Shipped dry in 50 lb. bags or super sacks.

2 to 4 weeks depending on delivery location

264 Ton per Month


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729-N Pig Mold coating General Characteristics

J.S. McCormick Pig Mold Coatings are release agents designed to ease the removal of castings from the pig mold. Our coatings are used to prevent defects due to metal adhering to the mold. These parting compounds are effective in the prevention of material loss and slowed production time.

Design: Specially formulated parting compound for use with Refined Nickel Pigs.
Base: Zircon base
Suspension: Low suspension characteristics Suggested Applications Casting: Refined Nickel Pigs.
Use: Coated on Pig Molds to ease the release of the pig from the mold.
Application Technique: Sprayed directly onto Pig Mold. Advantages - Specialized formula for the use with Refined nickel
- Prevention of production problems and delays
- Easily sprayed Mixing Guide In order to achieve desired baume, we recommend mixing for 15 minutes prior to application. With very low suspension characteristics, it requires constant agitation to maintain suspension. Standard Packaging Shipped dry in 50 lb. bags or super sacks.

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