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AC250B Motor controller for forklift, gold car, electric car

South Korea


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Product Description

Features and Advantages

AC MOTOR CONTROLLER is the first domestic development using a high-efficiency, high-performance

products. It has a various functions such as a rotation speed and torque control of the motor, a battery

charge and discharge status of the battery monitoring, a protection of controller and motor function from an overcurrent. AC MOTOR CONTROLLER is koreas first patented(KP10-1487886).

As high energy efficiency controllers

▪ When the accelerator pedal is released while driving, recharge

function is activated automatically.

▪ When the driving lever reverse operation while driving, recharge function is activated automatically.

▪ Stepping on the brake pedal while driving, recharge function is activated automatically.

By applying the FOC(Field Oriented control) algorithm

▪ Good ride comfort during Neutral Braking.

▪ Smooth ride comfort during Plugging.

▪ Anti Roll Back function.

▪ Turtle function.

▪ Various functions are available such as a Cruise Driving function.

Especially adjustable it is a great advantage, depending on your environment and needs.

Communication and control panel are

▪ Self-diagnosis system(Check the motor, encoder, battery, etc.).

▪ Various Error Display is possible such as a failure in system, a system overheating, a failure in motor rotation sensor.

Application Areas

▪ AC Motor Electric Forklift.

▪ Golf Car.

▪ Various electric cars.

▪ Agricultural and industrial electric

transport vehicle.

▪ Automatic guided vehicle(A.G.V).

Dimension(W×L×H) : 222×180×76mm / 220×155×70mm




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2F, 50, 70 beon-gi Beolmal-ro,l, Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

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