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ACS2400G 2.4G Video Tracking Wireless Conference System



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conference system

Product Description

1.Main Unit ACS-2400GM

1) Using 2.4GHz world common frequency processing control and pitch transmission;
2) Mature adaptive frequency hopping spread spectrum technology design, high confidentiality and anti-interference ability;
3) Can be used with WiFi and Bluetooth products, do not interfere with each other;
4) Intelligent power management,, the main unit off the power, the other unit will automatically shut down to reduce battery consumption;
5) Support up to 255 units, the chairman or delegate unit can be any combination;
6) Support video tracking function, support 4-way SD meeting camera access, 2-channel video output;
7) Suitable for a variety of conference camera communication protocol: PELCO-D, PELCO-P, VISCA, Sony-D70
At the same time the number of speakers 1-4 people optional;
8) 240*128 LCD large screen, display the work content, menu grading design, simple operation;
Multiple conference modes:
◆FIFO: When the quantity of turned on microphones exceed the total, the microphone turned on last will make the microphone turned on first off, to make sure the quantity of turned on can not exceed the total.
◆LIMIT1: When the quantity of turned on microphone is up to the total, if turn on new delegate units, it will enter queue application , microphone that make application first will turn on if others turned off.
◆LIMIT2: Speak within a limited time.
◆Chairman only: When turning on the chairman unit, all the delegate units can not be turned on;
10) Support Chinese and English language switching function;
11) Three kinds of audio output interface, suitable for different audio equipment connection;
12) 2U chassis design, can be installed in 19-inch standard cabinet.

Technical parameter:
1) Power supply: DC12-17V;
2) Sensitivity: -105dBm;
3) S/N Ratio: >90dB;
4) T.H.D: 5) Working Distance:
 ≥30m (omni-directional antenna)
 ≥40m (directional antenna)
 ≥70m (antenna amplifier+directional antenna)
6) Frequency channels: 4;
7) Power: 6.5W.

2. Microphone ACS-2400GC/ACS-2400GD

1) Mature adaptive frequency hopping technology to support video tracking;
2) 128*64 LCD screen, display signal strength, ID number, working mode, speaking state, usage time, electricity;
3) Support standby function, in the case of not speaking can turn on standby mode;
4) The unit has the switch power key and the speaking key, the chairman unit has the priority key, may shut down the representative unit in the speech at any time, the chairman is unrestricted;
5) With time-limited speech mode, on behalf of the unit in the set time period can be automatically shut down;
6) Base and microphone stem integrated design;
7) High-fidelity single-directional condenser microphone core, excellent sound reduction, high-definition, low noise, long pickup distance;
8) External 2.4G antenna, omni-directional transmission of signals to ensure that the scope of the effective control will not be out of control;
9) Built-in 3.7V high-capacity lithium battery, USB interface, charging, supports up to 15 hours and 25 hours standby time;
10) Gray suede shell, metal base, durable, beautiful appearance, fashion, do not fade, no distortion.

Technical parameter:
1) Power supply: Chairman unit 3.7V 3000mAh, Delegate unit DC: 3.7V 2100mAh;
2) Transmit power: 10Mw;
3) Max frequency deviation: ±45KHz;
4) Microphone core: capacitance;
5) Frequency response: 20-18KHz;
6) Working time: above 15h.

3. Speaking Unit Charging Case ACS-CH10

1) Speaking unit charging case main unit, USB interface charging;
2) Support charge for 10pcs of speaking unit at the same time.




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