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 It is sorted out of all high quality dates to make it the best of its kind for who care about quality,
Prevents cancer and Helps in blood formation,
Low in fat and cholesterol and Energetic,
High nutritional value and Increases vigour and vitality,
Helps in mental and physical development

We Care About Quality.

nutritional importance
date is source of vitamin b-complex ,vitamin c ,vitamin a , acid folic,glucose,dietary fiber and carbohydrates,one single date produces about 20 calories in body,
date is a nutritious fruit which contains minerals like iron ,potassium,zinc,magnesium,

medicinal values
it prevents colon and stomach cancer. date is very helpfull in case of constipation. the natural sugar present in dates is not harmfull as other artificial types of sugar so is very helpfull specially for diabetic patiens. dietary fiber present in date helps in digestion . date acts as a perfect buffering agent that can neutralize excess gastric acids. importance of date is due to its dietary fiber.

research on date
according to one egyptian doctor consuming of 80 gram of dates daily can provide 10 percent of daily requirement of niacin that can alleviate mental ,gastric and dermatologic problems ,same amount of dates can provide 5 percent of daily requirement of vitamins b1 and b2 that are required for health of nervous and gastrointestinal systems.

date as antioxidant
date also contains vitamin e that is a very good antioxidant. antioxidants can prevent free radicals and cellular damage. date is more recommended for underaged and overaged people and can be consumed with tea.

date as energy booster
date is also recommended for athletics since it can be an immediate source of enegy. reserches show people who are living in areas that date is consumed more such as in saudi arabia have less prevelence of diseases like diabetes,cancer and arteriosclerosis.

date as a substitute for sugar
about 70 percent of its sugar is made up of carbohydrates of which 60 to 65 percent is made up of glucose and fructose and 5.2 percent is dietary fiber so its usefull in case of patients with sucrose intolerance. one kilogram of dates produces more than 3000 calories in body.

date as a source of phosphorus
phosphorus present in date is equal to sum of this element present in pear ,grapes and apricot. sice the sodium content of date is less so its very good fruit to be consumed in hypertensive patients.

date as a source of iron
iron present in dates provide one third of daily requirement for adults. date is very helpfull during pregnancy as it increases mental calmness and lactation for breastfeeding mothers . 18 percent of world dates is procured from iran.

other properties of this fruit
date is antibacterial. increase strength of spine and. increases libido. improves vision and hearing. helps in digestion. removes bad breath or helatosis. has an analgesic effect.

date as a source of calcium
calcium present in date helps in strength of bones and prevents osteoporosis. phosphorus present in date prevents fatigue and mental weakness. sodium present in date prevents from cold.

date as a source of potassium
potassium presents in date prevents from gastric and duodenal ulcer. potassium increases appetite and deficiency of which can causes pharyngeal diseases.

date as a source of magnesium
overaged people should consume more of magnesium to recompensate loss of brain cells which is abundant in date,magnesium is also well known for alleviatting stress. magnesium is also helps pancreas and kidney to work better so is helpfull is case of diabetic patients.

date helps in balance of ions in body and also in purifying the blood.
date is very helpfull in all cases of inflammation and also in cases of skin sensitivity.
date helps in prevention of fat accumulation in body and also improves the immunity.

date is helpfull in patients with increased cholesterol , over weight , asthma and other respiratory dysfunctions,thyroid problems.
date can be consumed with warm milk specially before sleep specially for people with insomnia.

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