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Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Fin Stock, Embossed Sheet/Coil, Household Foil, Container Foil



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Product Description

We can produced:
Products Name Alloy Size(mm)
Thickness Width
Aluminum Foil Stock 1100、8011、12353102 0.2-0.35mm 500-1600mm
PS Substrate 1060、1050 0.14-0.3mm 800-1650mm
Aluminium Composite Panel 1100、8011、3003 0.12-0.50mm 1200-1240mm
Embossing Material 1060 0.3-0.5 mm 600-1400 mm
Aluminium Curtain Panel 1100 1.3-3.0mm 1200-1600mm
Roofing Material 3003、8011、1100 0.2-0.6mm 500-1600mm
Plain Aluminium Sheets 8011、8079、8006105010601100

0.05-3.0mm 850-1650mm
Aluminium Fin Stock 8011、 3102、 1030B1100 0.09-0.2mm 300-1650mm
Hydrophilic Fin Stock 8011、 3102、 1030B1100 0.09-0.2mm 300-1650mm
Household Foil 1145、8011、3003 0.009-0.018mm 200-1200mm
Container Foil 3003、8011 0.022-0.18mm 150-1200mm
Lubricated Container Foil 3003、8011 0.022-0.18mm 150-1200mm
Lidding Foil 1235、8011 0.02-0.06mm 200-850mm
Pharmaceutical Foil 8011 0.009-0.05mm 200-1200mm
Lamination Foil 8011、1235、12008079 0.009-0.1mm 300-1200mm
Beer Neck Foil 8011 0.009-0.0115mm 200-1650mm
Aluminium Tape Foil 8011、1235 0.01-0.08mm 300-1400mm
Cable Strip 8011、1235 0.009-0.04mm 300-800mm
Battery Foil 8011、1235、1100 0.01-0.1mm 270-1300mm
Honeycomb Foil 3003 0.02-0.05mm 300-1200mm
Decoration Foil 8011、1100 0.02-0.12mm 1200-1240mm
Foil For Automotive Parts 8011、3003 0.01-0.2mm 200-1650mm

Application:  wall panels, curtain wall, gutter boards, roof, roller shutters, column decoration  and building renovation, indoor ceiling, elevators, wallboards of  highway tunnel, signboards, show stands, bus stops, parks, top cover of gallery, aluminum cellular panels, etc.

Strength of Longding:
(1) Factory direct sale
(2) 10-30 days lead-time
(3) Exporting to more than 30 countries
(4) 26, 000 tons of production capacity on aluminum rolled products
(5) Production capacity: 60, 000 tons annually
(6) About 9 years developmental history, skilled workers.
(7) Enough raw material supplying, fast delivery guarantee.
(8) Technologies: advanced equipment
(9) Employees: over 2500 experienced employees
(10) Markets: obtain market sharing all over the world zing
(11) Reasonable price, good quality.

Corporate introduction
The project fully relies on and takes advantages of resource superiority by Yichuan Power Group and technology, talent, marketing network and equipment manufacturing by Ding Sheng Group, to achieve a powerful combination of complementary advantages, further elongated aluminum industrial chain in Yichuan. It is in line of Henan Province Aluminum development planning and national industrial policy, ranked as the provincial key project in Henan Province. Under the care of government and leadership at all levels , the project started on March 16, 2010, and officially put into production on July 8, 2011. At present, the investment in first stage has been completed over $505 million. The main workshops have been finished to carry out a closed-loop production with plate, strip and foil.

Scope of service
 Presently, the companys products cover aluminum alloy products of Series 1xxx, Series 3xxx, Series 5xxx, Series 8xxx of different sizes. Main products include CTP plate stock, PS plate stock, aluminum electrode capacitor foil, foil stock, alloy sheet and plate, etc. Those products are widely applied in industries including automobile making, traffic and transportation, packaging and containers, buildings and decorations, electrical and electronic, printing, etc.




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Luoyang Longding Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Luoyang, Henan, China

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