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Building upscale


Stone for the construction of buildings, fences and decorative

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Prestigious construction company for the manufacture of stone and granite industry

Our Price:
1 - artificial stone:
Stone in all its forms and Mqasath and ready to meet all the demands of customers and manufacture any shape and size required
And used for the coating of all walls and surfaces prepared for the building and all types of decorative external and internal entrances to buildings and villas, palaces, and also for coating walls and paving of sidewalks, squares, gardens, roofs and coating of all types of doors, windows and entrances, and all types of drawers and implementation of all types of modern decor and also works historical and technical
The stone can be given all the colors required and can also work for the aging stone to become properly required for decoration
2 - interlock stone for sidewalks:
Interlock stone factory in the same way artificial stone and the same hardness and strength and durability to become the latest way
Innovative paving sidewalks, walkways and plazas in terms of color, quality, durability and strength equivalent to more than double
Interlock known (cement), and that there is a larger and different sizes and are ready to create special shapes
And appropriate for the client
3 - slurry and pastes:
Also produce all types of grout and pastes for packaging spacers between the tiles and stone and ceramic and marble
All colors and specifications after the German packaging and on-demand
Professional and technical characteristics of the product:
1 -: high hardness:
Has severely high for an article of T.R Alamanih Vsawh give high-quality natural stone Vsawh equivalent to twice
2 - thermoplastic
Annealed for an article in the German source structure gives the product described by the creditor and is useful in dealing with the product during installation and reduces breakage and also helps in the absorption of non-stone of the water
3 - does not absorb water:
Suture to the presence of water-proof materials to moisture and water absorption German source
4 - fixed colors:
There is a wide range of colors and the colors are all fixed and Prepared properly in a modern way and Almajabul
The violin all the colors of German and English and Spanish as the source material that is added to help stabilize color (color stabilizers)
5 - chased the air:
And the Bada Fe repellant air Almajabul of Russian origin to expel air bubbles from the product to prevent the existence of gaps and air pockets with the help of his family during agitation interaction Bmcnh L. (Veiberishn)
6 - good adhesion after installation:
And by making the surface of the back of the stone in a manner calculated to-date and able to surface adhesion and a good strong cement
(It is recommended fat black surface of the stone with cement after a brush with water and dissolve the cement to make it Raúba)
To ensure high quality installation
Methods of installation
1 -: Installation of a normal cement white or black
2 - installation of marble dressing, or a special paste of our production
3 - Mechanical Installation:
Using a novel for the installation of artificial stone angles and special screws and chrome processor against rust is a very good way and give the complete isolation of heat-hundred percent of a vacuum between the antenna and the stone wall which cuts off the heat completely
There are two types of accessories depending on the demand

1 -: We provide transport service to the customers paid less than market prices to ensure the arrival of the goods properly and decent
2 - believe in the workshops and the installation of any place of the lowest prices and high quality and speed infinitely, especially because of the mechanical structure of our technicians as well as secure installation of accessories for the crisis
3 - Note the very important (there are four production lines we have a mechanism that we can meet our customers requests very quickly no matter how great quantity as the quantity of the daily production of over (2000) square meters per day
Basic materials in the composition of artificial stone
1 -: High quality white cement 42.5 mm
2 - break the hard marble (a health inductive)
3 - Sand marble hard (sand
4 - filtered water free of acid
1 - Tempered L. T.R German
2 - annealed German
3 - moisture-proof
4 - Dyes German and English and Spanish
5 - colors of the materials installed
6 - materials chased the Russian air




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Building upscale

Industrial Zone 2, Kharj, Syria


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